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Wrath of the Lich King

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is Blizzard’s second expansion to the critically acclaimed and immensely popular MMOG World of Warcraft. Set in Northrend, the icy northern continent of Azeorth, player’s will fight through the Lich King’s (lord of the undead in Warcraft lore) various minions and uncover many secrets within the world. New world PvP zones, new arenas, a entire new class (the Death Knight), and new profession (Inscription), and more lay in wait for those brave enough venture forth into the icy wilderness of Northrend.

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Death Knights require you to have a level fifty five character before you can create one. You may create one per server and they can be any race (though some racials lean themselves to the Death Knight more than others). You’ll also need the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. If you have a level fifty five character and the expansion then you’re ready to make one.

Is it right for you though? Well, that’s an excellent question that’s also very difficult to answer. There are a lot of different factors to look at with the Death Knight. If you don’t have a character to level eighty yet (but do have one to fifty five) then you’ll need to ask yourself if you’re ready to give up on your longtime friend to start on something new. If you’re already the max level then you’re going to want to ask yourself if you’re going to be serious with the Death Knight. If you’re not going to be serious then it might not be worthwhile to start.

A lot of classes require a certain psychological profile to really connect with the player. For instance, ranged DPS classes suit people who want to stand in the backlines and plunk arrows or fireballs to the front lines while Warriors are great for people who want to get right up into the face of danger. Death Knights mix a little bit of both worlds (but have a good emphasis on the latter). They can pull enemies to them, send spells flying a good distance, and do a lot. They’re a mix of a lot of things and are easy to try out to see if you like.

A good suggestion is to make one and take it through the starting zone. By the time you’re done you’ll have had a good deal of fun questing with all of the unique and high-tech quests in the area. Then you’ll be able to make up your mind if it’s right for you. Since you have to be seasoned with the game to make one you should have a good grasp on what you’re looking for in a class. The Death Knight is already leveled up a good bit too giving you plenty of things to try and play around with.

The Death Knight can be any race which opens it up to a world of choice. Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to picking. Races can be considered both subjective and definite. Some races are “better” in that their racial abilities are superior to others as far as the class is concerned. However, the differences can be cast aside whenever looks or visual appeal come into play.

If you’re going by racials then there are some obvious choices. For the alliance you have Night Elves with their ability to shadow meld which can often give them an excellent PvP boost, Gnomes who have Escape Artist, and Dwarves with Stone Form (which is excellent for tanking). Humans have the weakest set of racials, except when it comes to grinding for reputation. On the Horde side you have two very strong choices. The Tauren’s War Stomp (another great PvP and PvE racial) and the Forsaken’s Will of the Forsaken (which is also amazing in both PvP and PvE for the Death Knight) are excellent choices.

Of course, if you like the looks of the Orc or Human then by all means make one. You won’t be looked down upon or be noticeably weaker than other races. They may not have an additional cool trick they can pull out of their sleeves every few minutes, but you’ll be much happier with the look of your character. Remember that you’ll have to stare at it a good deal as you play it!