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World Of Warcraft Quest Guides & Tips

Escape trick

If you find yourself surrounded by mobs attacking you there is only one way to run. Away! But it can be hard for you to escape multiple enemies, but not if you use this little trick. You see every mob follows the exact path you travel and if you strafe left - right fast when running forward you will slow your followers down and be able to escape.

Alt for self target

This is a good tip if you are a healer. If you need to heal yourself in combat without losing your target there is a way to do so. Instead of clicking on your own character to cast a spell on yourself, you can press down the ALT key when casting a spell. By pressing down this key you will automatically target yourself. You will get the previous target when you release the ALT key.

The F1 key will also target yourself and F2 - F5 will target your party members. If you want to target someone's pet you need to press the F2 - F5 key twice. (for example: F2 targets the hunter in my group. If I press F2 again I will target his pet.)

F for assist

If you press the F key while targeting a friend you will target his target. This is called assist. If someone wants you to assist them, simply target them and press F. You can also type /assist followed by their nickname in the chat window.

Use a quest guide

There are special quest guides that have been created by very skillful wow players. These guides will help you complete quests very quick and therefore level extremely fast.The Alliance players use Brian Kopps guide and the Horde players use Joana's guide. (Click on the links to check them out.)

Dive in lakes

Did you know that there are lots of mining nodes and chests in every lake in world of warcraft. Many players don't realize this and doesn't take advantage of this. The mining nodes won't show up on your minimap until you have dived in the water. I have found many nodes and chest this way.

Use a gold guide

As there are quest guides there are also gold guides. These guides will help you earn as much as 150g per hour. These guides are a legit way of getting large amounts of gold instead of buying gold which is illeagal. The top 2 gold guides are wow gold secrets and valkor's gold making guide (Click the links to find out more about them.)


This feature is quite good. You can loot a mob with a single click when you have turned on this feature. You can also shift + right click to autoloot. Autolooting will save you much time as you don't need to manually loot every corpse. Make sure you turn on autoloot in the inteface options.

Increase your target range

If you want to increase the distance you can target enemies on you can do so by going to your WTF folder. It's located in your world of warcraft folder. In there open a file called In the file add the line: SET Target nearestdistance "40.000000"

Then save and you will now be able to target enemies further away.

Assign camera flip

This feature is not enabled by default. What it does is that it will flip the view so you are looking backwards. This is good if you are being chased by any mobs or Alliance/Horde scum =).

You will find this feature in the interface options. Just assign a key that suites you.

Fish liver oil

This is a very valuable quest for the classes that doesn't have a trap or snare skill. It's very useful in PVP, instances and world bosses. You should do this quest if you haven't done it. You can get it from Dockmaster Baren in Redridge Mountains at level 16.

Shift + left click = Split

If you shift click on any stack you have in your inventory you will split the stack. You can also split up money this way. Shift click on the gold icon in your inventory and select how much you want to split.

Shift + left click is also used if you want to show an item in the chat. Simply hold shift and click on the item you want to appear.

You will also get a /who if you shift + left click on a persons name in the chat. (A /who allows you to find out the level, class, race and guild about someone.)

Instant quest text

There is a feature in the interface options that allows you to see the whole quest text at once. You don't have to wait for the whole quest text to be written until you can accept the quest. Make sure you put this feature on in the interface option.

Cosmos UI

Cosmos UI is a very handy UI (User interface). You can tailor make the appearance WOW has if you install cosmos UI. Many different help services. Cosmos UI is a must for every serious WOW player.

You can get Cosmos UI directly by clicking here

Quick tips

Down below is some quick tips on various topics.

B = Opens your main bag. (Shift + B opens all your bags).

C = Opens your character sheet.

L = Opens your quest log with all your current quests.

M = Opens your map.

P = Opens your spellbook.

N = Opens your talentbook.

V = Brings up health bars.

ALT + Z = Hides your UI.

LFG = Looking For Group.

LFM = Looking For Men.

PST = Please Send Tell.

WTS = Want To Sell.

WTB = Want To Buy.

/ginfo = Brings up info about your guild.

/random 100 = Performs a dice roll from 1 - 100.

LF2M Scholwwwwwwwwwwwww = Player being ganked and trying to run away when looking for 2 men to scholomance.