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Yogg Saron Strategy Guides

Yogg-Saron – 10 player raid – 11,000,000 health
Yogg-Saron – 25 player raid – 44,000,000 health

Guardian of Yogg-Saron – 10 player raid – 220,000 health
Guardian of Yogg-Saron – 25 player raid – 950,000 health

Immortal Guardian – 10 player raid – 100,000 health
Immortal Guardian – 25 player raid – 500,000 health

Special Fight Mechanics
Sanity - For this encounter all players gain an additional character stat called Sanity. This shows up as a buff to all players and starts at 100. If at any point this buff reaches zero stacks you will become insane. Players can regain sanity points by standing in the green pillars of light around the edge of the room.

Insane – If your sanity buff reaches zero you loose it and gain the debuff called Insane. Once you are insane you are mind controlled by Yogg-Saron until the encounter is over, even if you are killed. Therefore you should never battle rez an insane party member.

Additional Creatures (Adds) Abilities
Guardian of Yogg-Saron – (Phase one only) These guardians are summoned in phase one and have two main abilities. They can cast dark volley which hits everyone in the raid for roughly 10,000 shadow damage and reduces healing done by 25% for 10 seconds. In addition they cast shadow nova when they are killed which deals a large amount of shadow damage to everyone.

Constrictor Tentacle – (Phase two only) These tentacles attempt to grab and constrict anyone nearby. Once grabbed they squeeze the player for roughly 7,500 damage per second.

Corruptor Tentacle – (Phase two only) These are caster based tentacles that have several abilities. The first is the ability to inflict the Black Plague on players which causes them to be stunned for 2 seconds at a time several times over its 30 second duration. Next up they can place a poison on a player that deals nature damage and drains mana, this lasts fro roughly 20 seconds. They can cast a curse of doom that lasts for 12 seconds and if it remains until the end of that time inflicts roughly 20,000 shadow damage. They can also make players apathetic reducing the targets attack, movement, and casting speed by 60%. All of these abilities can be removed from players as they are either magic, curse, disease of poison effects.

Crusher Tentacle – (Phase two only) These tentacles continually attempt to channel Diminish Power which reduces all damage caused by roughly 20% to anyone in the room, this ability stacks from up to 4 tentacles. It can be interrupted by being hit by melee. Each time they are hit by melee though they gain a focused anger buff which stacks to 100. Each stack increases damage dealt and attack speed by 3%. If melee is in range while angered, the tentacles will attack them instead of channelling Diminish Power.

Influence Tentacle – (Phase two in the Mind’s Eye only) These tentacles attack players but have not real special abilities other than reflecting damage back at attackers. 60% of the damage done to them is reflected back.

Immortal Guardian – (Phase three only) These guardians are summoned in the third phase of the fight. And have several abilities, primarily though they hit exceptionally hard against tanks. Their melee hitting power directly relates to their health, so you need to burn them down quickly. They also have a drain life ability that heals them while hurting a player for 5 seconds. They can also be healed through Yogg-Saron’s shadow beacon. Lastly Immortal Guardians can only be killed by Thorim’s Titanic Storm ability while at 1% health.

Yogg-Saron’s Abilities as Sara – Phase One
While Yogg-Saron appears as Sara in phase one you can not directly attack him. Instead you must destroy Guardians near him to hurt Sara and drop him down to start phase 2.

Sara’s Anger – This is a buff places on a target and increases physical damage done by 12,000, however is deals roughly 12,000 shadow damage every 3 seconds. The buff lasts 12 seconds.

Sara’s Blessing – Heals a target for roughly 30,000 health but also places a DOT on the target that deals 60,000 shadow damage over 20 seconds.

Sara’s Fervor – This is a buff placed on a target that increases damage caused by 20% but increases damage taken by 100%. This buff lasts 15 seconds.

Yogg-Saron’s Abilities – Phase Two
Brain Link – This ability targets two random raid members and links their brains. Both targets suffer 3,000 shadow damage and lose 2 sanity buffs every second that they spend further than 20 yards away from each other.

Shadowy Barrier – This is an invulnerable shield that protects Yogg-Saron, rendering him immune from harm.

Death Ray – This is an AOE blast that deals a huge amount of nature damage to anyone in it. The damage is roughly 20,000 nature damage per tick, and it ticks fast enough that if you are caught by it you are dead.

Malady of the Mind – This ability deals roughly 5,000 shadow damage and causes the player to lose 3 stacks of sanity. In addition it causes you to run in terror for 4 seconds, if anyone is within 10 yards of you at the end of your terror it will be passed on to that player and start again.

Psychosis – This attack his players with 5,000 shadow damage and causes them to lose a large amount of sanity, roughly 10% of their current sanity.