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World of Warcraft PVP Guide

The WOW PVP Guide: World, City, and Battlegrounds is a strategy resource for players on PVP servers. It's over 70 pages of player versus player strategy, battlegrounds info, and important raiding tips.

PVP combat is fast and exciting -- more so if you're winning. Our WOW PVP guide walks you through each class's strengths, weaknesses, and how to win in every situation.

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The World of Warcraft PVP Guide includes:

Class Strategies in Detail : Comprehensive PVP strategy for every class in World of Warcraft. This is the largest section in the guide.

Battlegrounds: Altarac Valley, Warsong Gultch, and Arathi Basin all get quality time in this section. The battlegrounds are the best way to earn honor and gain rank. Learn how each plays out, what your roles are, and how to win.
Racial Abilities: Discover useful PVP strategies for every racial ability.

Professions: Professions are often the most overlooked weapon in a PVP arsenal. Find out the most useful potions, engineering contraptions, and food for conquest.

Raiding Cities: A PVP city raid is the hardest thing to pull off successfully in World of Warcraft. Our guide lists important locations and strategy for each main city. Attempting a feat like this requires precision and preparation!

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