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Arena Guide for the Priest


Unlike the battlegrounds, you wouldn’t want to step into the Arena for the first time without any PvP gear at all. This is not recommended at all! Run lots of Heroics and gather up some Emblems of Heroism and buy some Player vs. Player gear from the Emblem of Heroism Merchant in Dalaran. Partake in lots of battleground PvPing to get honor points for armor, trinkets and accessories to be more prepared to step into an Arena for the first time. Resilience, Stamina and Intellect will be your priority stats. Remember Resilience, it’s the number one stat for any Player vs. Player environment as it reduces the chance of critical strikes and the amount of damage other players do against you.


As mentioned earlier, I will be focusing on the aspects of being a healer in an Arena. Many of those talents that you ignore for PvE grouping and raiding, such as Martyrdom and Unbreakable Will in the Discipline Tree or Spell Warding and Blessed Resilience is the Holy Tree will be key talents for Player vs Player battle. If you have never bothered to purchase Dual Specialization, you finally have a good reason to buy this if you plan to PvE with your guild and PvP on off days or when you’re bored and want some heart pounding action in the PvP battlegrounds and arenas.

When speccing for Player vs. Player, going half holy and half shadow is not something to be afraid of. Being a hybrid is not uncommon, and when used properly can give you the options of being able to heal your teammates and the ability to DPS when you have the opportunity. This is can be very useful with 2v2 or 3v3 arena teams.

Tips to Surviving in the Arena

Arena and Battlegrounds are very different from each other. You still depend on your fellow teammates to save you while you keep them alive, but the numbers are much slimmer in an arena. You have 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 arena choices. The smaller numbers can make things easier for you to be able to actually live longer than you would in a battleground and won’t have to worry about 10 of them vs. 1 of you. As a healer and a priest, you will still be their first target to kill and use this to your advantage.

Much of the surviving will mostly depend on your teammates to be able to kill any attackers trying to kill you before your friends kill them and the ability to continuously move while casting. This also applies to what classes you are going against as well. There are many combinations of arena teams and you will have to learn through time and experience to be able to survive through their attacks and win in the end.

If everyone of the opposing team is headed straight for you, do not be afraid to take them on a wild goose chase through the arena while your friends kill them off one by one as they try to kill you. Use any line of sight objects to your advantage as a way to temporarily hide and heal yourself up. Use the environment against them so that you will stay alive and they will continue to chase you as sometimes they do not want to DPS down your teammates while you are alive to heal them. Of course, this isn’t always so. In 2v2 for example, if you are going to have 1 against you and 1 against your teammate, then your Prayer of Mending will truly shine and you will not want to run and hide, you want to stay near your teammate in order to make Prayer of Mending bounce as much as possible between the two of you. Keep Renew and Power Word: Shield up on yourself and damage over time spells on both your attacker and your teammate’s attacker. Be sure to try and move behind your attacker as much as possible and put your fear to good use, especially when they are low on HP or you yourself are having a hard time keeping healed while being attacked.