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The Violet Hold Guide

10 Player Normal Mode

Located in the floating city of Dalaran, The Violet Hold is a prison that houses the deadliest threats to the city, including Kael’thas himself before his escape. After Kael’thas’s escape the Kirin Tor stepped up security and all has been quiet until recently. Malygos, in his attempts to gain dominance over all the magic in Azeroth, has unleashed his blue dragonflight upon the city, starting with the Violet Hold. Using a hole in the roof the blue’s have begun pouring through portals into the Hold. So determined to destroy Dalaran Malygos has even sent one of his top lieutenants, Cyanigosa, to ensure his victory.

Inside the Violet Hold
Once inside the Hold you will see the Kirin Tor guards bravely fighting against the blue dragonflight invaders. To activate the instance you will need to speak with Lieutenant Sinclari. The Lieutenant will call for his guards to fall back and your group will be left alone to defend the Hold.

Similar to Black Morass there will be a total of 18 portals opening one after another. These portals will either spawn a Portal Guardian which will spawn continuous non-elite adds or a squad of elite dragon kin which spawn no adds. Your group’s mission will be to kill theses spawns quickly so that your group is not overrun as more portals open, and to keep the spawns off the door so that they don’t break through. On the 6th and 12th portal an unattackable dragon will spawn. The dragon will then proceed to randomly open one of the prison cells located within the Hold releasing a boss. After you defeat the boss you will have a small break so drink up! If at any time you feel overwhelmed by the spawning mobs, there are 5 switches located on the walls throughout the room that will do damage to all mobs currently up.

On the 18th portal you will be faced with Cyanigosa, the final boss and dragon in charge of the assault on the prison. If you happen to fail, you will have to fight through all the waves, including the bosses again though the bosses will drop loot normally. On Heroic mode any bosses that have already been defeated will be replaced by mobs that will give reputation, but no loot. If only a single player (or two) dies, simply enter the instance again and speak with Sinclari who will teleport the players inside.

This achievement cannot be placed with any one boss as it requires you to kill all of the bosses inside the instance with the exception of Cyanigosa. This achievement is based mostly on luck as the bosses spawned in the instance are random. If you can clear the Violet Hold with no problems, then it just becomes a waiting game. Keep running The Violet Hold every chance you get and eventually (probably when you least expect it) you will finally have killed all the bosses and gain this achievement. A brief description of the boss fights, and other achievements that go along with them are below.

An arakkoa type boss, Erekem will spawn from the left side with 2 guards that cannot be crowd controlled. All DPS should be on the boss, ignoring the adds. If the adds are killed first he will apply the Stromstrike debuff which will do tons of damage to your tank. The boss will throw Lightning Bolts from time to time, has a Windfury attack, a quick casting Chain Heal, and can Bloodlust.. All of Erekem’s spells are interruptible. Overall a very simple tank and spank.

Erekem related Achievements:

Lockdown! (Explained Above)

A giant floating eye located on the right side of the Hold. Will cast Ray of Suffering (DoT that inflicts 8% of the target’s total health every second for 5 seconds), Ray of Pain (shadow damage to a target and reduces healing received), Optic Link (channeled beam that does damage over time), and Corrosive Saliva (stacking debuff that reduces the targets armor). This boss encounter is mostly a tank and spank, with the majority of the damage going out going to the tank. It should be noticed both the Ray of Pain and Ray of Suffering can be reflected back on the boss by a warrior, making the fight faster and easier.

Moragg related Achievements:

Lockdown! (Explained Above)

A water revenant located near the center of the instance, in the only cell with water in it. Ichoron will come out with a protective bubble with about 35 charges on it that needs to be removed. Each attack that hits it will remove one charge from the shield. Once removed Ichoron will collapse and a few water elementals will spawn. The boss will become active once again when all of these have been slain, or if one of the elementals reach him. If an elemental reaches him, it will restore some of his health so they should be killed quickly. Keep in mind the elementals do AoE damage when killed, so rounding them up and killing them is not a good idea. For an easy kill simply use the levers around the room when the adds are spawned. The resulting damage should wipe out the adds and save your group the AoE damage. Rinse and repeat a few times until Ichoron reaches 25% at which time he will stop summoning adds, but will enrage.

Ichoron related Achievements:

Lockdown! (Explained Above)

This achievement requires you to defeat Ichoron without allowing any Ichor Globules to merge. To make this achievement easy assign someone to click one of the levers around the room each time the adds spawn. The result should be the adds are killed instantly before they even have a chance to move closer to Ichoron. Keep an eye out just in case any manage to escape. Do this until Ichoron is dead and this achievement will be yours.

An ethereal, and probably one of the toughest mini-bosses in the instance. Xevozz has three man abilities: Arcane Barrage Volley which shoots arcane blasts at nearby players, Arcane Buffet which will increase his damage, and he will also summon Ethereal Spheres. The handling of the Spheres will make or break this fight for you.

Throughout the fight Xevozz will summon Spheres, while Xevozz himself does not do much damage if you allow him to get close the Spheres he will feed off them and gain an extra damage boost. If Xevozz is in line of sight of the Spheres for any length of time, he will teleport your entire group right on top of one of theses Spheres. Since the Spheres themselves have an damage aura this should be avoided. The first Spheres should be spawned at the bottom of the instance, so move the boss (making use of the rubble) to the top walkway. Kite him slowly with healers and DPS following along. If all goes well, continue to make circles like this until the boss is dead.

Xevozz related Achievements:

Lockdown! (Explained Above)

A giant core hound located on the bottom right of the room, Lavanthor proves to be a very easy fight compared to most. A basic tank and spank, simply face Lavanthor away from the raid and have your DPS go to town. The tank can try to step away to avoid Lava Burn, but since the rest of the group should be taking almost no damage the healer should have no trouble healing through it.

Lavanthor related Achievements:

Lockdown! (Explained Above)

Zuramat the Obliterator
A void lord located in the top left of the Violet Hold, Zuramat does little himself, but relies on his adds to do the dirty work. Throughout the fight Zuramat will summon adds, but these adds can only be seen by the person who at the time has Void Shift. It is this persons responsibility to kill the adds while they are visible. The effect lasts roughly 15 seconds, but even a healer should be able to take out a few adds during that period. If not killed the AoE damage from the adds can add up very quickly and can wipe your group. Those not affected by Void Shift should burn Zuramat as quickly as possible.

The boss himself does however do Shroud of Darkness, which when damaging the boss reduces healing received on the player by 20%. This debuff can stack but can also be purged and/or dispelled. If it cannot be taken off, your group will have to drop DPS until the debuff is gone.

Zuramat related Achievements:

Lockdown! (Explained Above)

A Void Dance
This achievement requires you to kill Zuramat without killing any void sentries. Probably one of the more exciting DPS race encounters in WoTLK 5-man, your group will have to push their limits to defeat the boss before the damage becomes overwhelming. To make this easier bring a class that can dispell/purge Shroud of Darkness, making the healing less intense for your healer. If you are lucky enough to have a DK tank have him place an Anti Magic Zone for your group to stand in. Otherwise cross your fingers and DPS, DPS, DPS.

The final boss in the Violet Hold, Cyanigosa will spawn after the final portal without a pause, so mana users should try to conserve during the last few portals. Cyanigosa is a typical dragon, don’t’ stand behind her (Tail Sweep), or in front of her (Uncontrollable Energy). Cyanigosa will also cast Blizzard on a selected area, move quickly out of this to avoid taking additional damage. Cyanigosa will cast Arcane Vacuum throughout the fight, which pulls your entire group to her. Return quickly to your original positions to avoid the Tail Sweep and Uncontrollable Energy. This effect also causes an aggro wipe so allow the tank to regain threat before continuing DPS. Overall Cyanigosa ends up being a pretty simple tank and spank with a few twists.

Cyanigosa related Achievements:

This achievement asks you to defeat Cyanigosa without using and Defense Control Crystals while keeping the Prison Seal Integrity at 100%. This achievement is rather straight forward, do not allow anyone to click on the levers throughout the room, this will take away your crutch and make things harder for those who struggle with some of the bosses and portal packs, but can easily be done. The only real difficulty is keeping portal packs who spawn 3-4 adds from reaching the Prison Seal. Have a good tank who does quick pick ups and slow them when needed and this achievement will be yours.

The Violet Hold & Heroic: The Violet Hold
These achievements simply ask you to defeat Cyanigosa on heroic and normal difficulties. Get a group together and fight your way to the end of the instance, wipe out Cyanigosa and these achievements are in the bag.