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The Old Kingdom Guide

10 Player Normal Mode

Azjol-Nerub is one of the underground dungeons that can be found in the Pit of Narjun in the western portion of Dragonblight. It is the upper portion of the kingdom once inhabited by the arachnid-like Nerubians. Azjol-Nerub is now infested with Scourge and waits to be cleansed. This dungeon requires level 70 to enter and contains 3 bosses. Heroic mode is available.

Krik’thir the Gatewatcher
This fight will begin with three groups of three spiders before you engage Krik’thir himself. Each wave of spiders will have a miniboss and two adds. If a wave contains a Anub’ar Skirmisher it should be killed first as they will drop agro and focus on a random target. Web Wrap will be cast randomly on players throughout the fight. These web wraps cannot be dispelled, but can be removed by having other players attack the web wrappings. Once all three waves are defeated you will engage Krik’thir.

When your group enters the room Hadronox will be fought in you will see a group of three Nerubians. Once engaged 2 more groups will spawn making it important to pull the first group back so you do not agro all three. Hadronox will be located under you, fighting more Nerubians. This is a timed gauntlet, with waves of non-elite spiders spawning from the three doors located above the main room. After clearing the room it is recommended just to sit and wait. Kill any non-elites that attack you and wait for Hadronox to make his way to you.

Once inside the room Hadronox will web the doors and the non-elite mobs will stop spawning. Hadronox has a low amount of HP but can do some nasty poison damage. He will cast Acid Clouds which party members will need to move out quickly, and a Leech Posion that will drain health from enemies and give back to the caster. This can and should be dispelled if possible. He also does Web Grab which will do damage and pull players towards him, and Pierce Armor that will reduce your tank’s armor by 50% for 8 seconds. But these abilities are nothing to be worried about; after the poisons he is nothing more than a tank and spank.

The Anub’arak fight has two main phases. In Phase 1 Anub will be above ground and is basically a spank and tank. He has two abilities during Phase 1, Pound and Locust Swarm. To avoid getting your party killed by pound always have Anub facing the entrance while everyone besides the tank stands behind him. Locust Swarm will do a small amount of damage to your entire party over time and is nothing to be worried about as long as you have a good healer. Anub will burrow underground at certain HP intervals thus entering Phase 2. While submerged Anub will try to Impale players. This is easily avoidable as there will be a disturbance in the dirt below you. Simply move off the dirt and you will miss the Impale. During this Phase various mobs will spawn and must be picked up by the tank and killed. After a time Anub will resurface and Phase 1 will begin again. Repeat Phase 1 and 2 until Anub is dead.

Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
Ahn’kahet is the second and lower dungeon located in Azjol-Nerub and until recently was still controlled by the Nerubians. When an earthquake rocked the land it pushed Ahn’kahet closer to the surface exposing the kingdom to attacks. A fight for control of the kingdom rages within.

Prince Taldaram
Before you can engage Prince Taldaram your party will need to engage the 2 Ancient Nerubian Devices located on two platforms. Once engaged Taldaram will summon Flame Spheres throughout the fight, but they cannot be killed and will shoot fire beams at any player close to them. Moving away from these is a very good idea. He will also Vanish at various times and use Embrace of the Vampyr. In order to stop Prince Taldaram from feeding on the target player your group will have to burst DPS him down. This is especially important in heroic as the player targeted cannot be healed.

Jedoga Shadowseeker
Be prepared for this boss as she will engage as soon as all the Twilight Initiates are dead. She will then call 20 more adds to the fight and more on the stairs. Be sure to have your entire party on the platform or they will be killed by these mobs. Jedoga will use two main abilities: Cyclone Strike which will hit everyone around her but is easily avoided if all melee runs out of range.

Harold Volazj
Volazj is probably one of the hardest fights in the instance and can easily wipe a raid. He has two phases. The first phase he will use mainly shadow abilities including Mind Flay which can be Spell Reflected. He will use Shiver which will do damage to all players around the targeted player so spreading out here is wise.

Elder Nadox
Nadox is located in a room full of eggs. Once engaged Nadox will begin hatching eggs, spawning tiny Ahn’kahet Swarmers who can easily be killed with any AOE. At 75%, 50%, and 25% an Ahn’kahar Guardian will be summoned. DPS should kill this Guardian off quickly as he will produce an aura preventing damage to other mobs. Nadox will also do Blood Plague which is a DoT disease that does nature damage every few seconds. It is cleansable but not overly hard to heal through if ignored and will only be cast on the person with the highest threat. This fight is pretty much a tank and spank as long as you can kill the adds quickly.