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Tailoring Guide

Tailoring is a primary profession designed to create various pieces of equipment out of cloth tailored mostly towards Priests, Mages, and Warlocks. Cloth is a resource that is obtained from the world from various enemies (mostly enemies that are the “Humanoid” type). The cloth can then be turned into various forms of cloth based equipment (like robes, pants, shoes, etc.) and other cloth based items like bags.

Getting Started
To begin you must seek a <Tailoring Trainer> out in order to pick up the tailoring profession. From there, simply interact with the trainer who will teach you the rough and gritty art of Tailoring! When you begin you will be an Apprentice Miner and have to pay only a few copper to pick up the profession.

There are several ranks to tailoring and as your skill progress you’ll find yourself at a point where you can’t continue without further training. At this point return to any Tailoring trainer and pay to increase your rank in Tailoring, except for the Master level. You must seek out a Master trainer in Outland to obtain that rank.

Skill Levels
As you progress through Tailoring you'll find that you'll reach a certain skill level and can no longer advance. Sometimes even after you seek out the next trainer you won't be able to continue due to the level of your character. Follow the chart below to determine when you'll need to seek out the next trainer. If you're at the minimum skill and character level then you can advance your rank. Once you reach the maximum skill level you'll no longer be able to gain skill points even after creating green, yellow, or orange items.

Creating Items Through Tailoring
Open your spellbook to find a skill called "Tailoring". Once you click on it it'll bring up the crafting interface for Tailoring. The skill in your spellbook can be draged to your action bar to have easy access to it rather than opening your spellbook anytime you need to craft. The Tailoring crafting interface is the same as most of the other professions. You'll be a presented with a list of items you can create at the top along with a detailed description of the currently highlighed item (what materials are needed and what item is created from that recipe) and the "create" buttons at the bottom. Find the item you wish to make to see what materials are needed. Once you have a material a number will appear in the list telling you how many you can make. Like [2] Runecloth Bags would tell you that you have enough materials to make 2 Runecloth Bags. Select the item from the list and then press the "create" button. You can make up to 20 items at once by inserting a number next to the "create all" button and then pressing it.

The colors on the item list determine your skill level in regards to that item. For instance an item that is orange would mean that it's very close to your current skill and will give you a skill point on creation. Yellow means it's close to your current skill and will most than likely give you a skill point. Green means that it's far away from your current skill level and might not give you a skill point on creation but the chance is there. Gray means the skill is far from your current skill level and will not give you any skill points no matter how many times you create that item. A red item would be something above your current skill level, although you can not learn any patterns that are above your skill level.

Tailoring doesn't need any needles or sewing kits. It does however need cloth (Linen, Wool, Silk, Mageweave, Runecloth, Felcloth, Mooncloth, and Neatherweave), a "pattern" which is the name of the recipes for Tailoring, and usually some kind of thread which can be purchased at a Tailoring Supply Store. Some items may need gems or other items that can be found on the Auction House or by exploring the world. The cloth is obtained generally from Humanoid type enemies, chests, and from other players through the Auction House. Patterns can be obtained from your trainer, various shops, the Auction House, or by exploring the world.

Once you’ve arrived at level sixty and have a skill higher than 350 you’ll be able to take on a specialization that gives you an additional bonus. Each specialization allows you access to a specific bind on pickup pattern along with some extra bonuses that really help out.

You can unlearn your specialization for 150 gold along with 20 gold to learn a new specialization. So be sure you pick properly! You’ll still remember the recipes you’ve learned but will be unable to utilize them.

Mooncloth: Allows you learn the Primal Mooncloth Set along with creating an additional primal mooncloth at a moonwell.

Shadowweav : Allows you to learn the Shadow’s Embrace Set along with the ability to create an extra shadowcloth at the Altar of Shadows.

Spellfire: Allows you to learn the Wrath of Spellfire set along with the ability to create an extra spellcloth in Netherstorm

Making a Profit
Tailoring is targeted directly at three classes: Priest, Mage, and Warlock. These three classes are the only three classes that utilize the cloth created by Tailoring. This means that any items you create will generally only be seen by those three. Often enough too it’s only going to sale if it’s a lower level item needed by someone who is leveling up since most higher level players can often get better gear from raiding or PvP.

So what does that leave you with? Bags! Everyone needs bags. Runecloth, Netherweave, Imbued Netherweave, and Primal Mooncloth bags sell like hotcakes to anyone and everyone. Runecloth bags sale to those newer to the game while many players feast upon Primal Mooncloth (20 slot) bags to fill their character and their bank with. These will be like liquid gold turning much of the cloth you get into a much more profitable item.

Bags aside, Mooncloth is another money getter. You can generally make 2 gold per creation of Mooncloth (depending on your server) and then you can make Primal Mooncloth, Spellcloth, and Shadowcloth. These are on high cooldowns but you can almost always (again depending on your server) buy the materials to create them, create them, then resale them on the Auction House for a good profit.

As for selling crafted gear – research! Bags and Moon/Shadow/Spellcloth are going to sale as they are always in demand however gear isn’t. Be careful before you invest in creating something that may not sale for what you want.