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Skinning Guide

Skinning is a gathering skill that allows you to take a Skinning knife and skin various beasts, dragonkins, and silithids to gather leather, hides, and scales. Some enemies can be skinned, while others can’t, but those that can be provide extra income from enemies already slain. The materials gathered from Skinning are useful in numerous trades and can be sold for a good bit at the auction house!

Skinning is a primary skill, meaning it counts towards your two profession limit. Keep this in mind when you take up Skinning, as unlearning it to learn a new profession will reset your knowledge of Skinning to zero should you choose to pick it back up again.

To begin you seek a <Skinning Trainer> out in order to pick up the Skinning profession. From there, simply interact with the trainer who will teach you the delicate art of Skinning. When you first start off you will be an Apprentice Skinner and have to pay only a few copper to learn the profession.

There are several ranks to Skinning and as your skill progresses you’ll find yourself at a point where you can’t continue further without training. Your skill in Skinning determines what level of enemies you can skin which is critical for Skinning enemies at your level!

Skinning is an easy process that should be done every time you kill an enemy that is skinnable. When you've killed an enemy (usually a beast, but can vary) then loot its corpse. Make sure it's completely empty and then over it and look for the words "skinnable" in the tooltip. If it's skinnable and you have to the skill level to do it (see further below) then you can begin the process of skinning!

To skin an enemies corpse simply right click on it (a skinning icon should appear when you hover over it). A bar will appear letting you know the time it takes to cast (which depends on what rank you have in skinning, can go up to 3 seconds) and will continue until finished. If you succeed then you'll enter loot mode (unless you have auto-loot on or shift-clicked the corpse) and be able to pick up whatever leathers/hides/scales the enemy has. If you fail then you simply try again.

The reason skinning is attractive as a profession is because you don't have to hunt down any minerals or plants. All of the leather comes from enemies you have slain, providing you with some easy extra income. Well, you do have to hunt down the skinnable enemies, but at least when they defeated you can loot whatever they have, gain XP, and then get some extra bonus loot!

Hides are gathered much in the same way as regular leather, although it appears less frequently. You can cure hides using Leatherworking by curing them with salt. They follow the same naming scheme (Light Hides) and levels as regular leathers.

Scales are items coming off of Dragonkin, turtles, Silithid, and dragon whelps. They are used in Leatherworking recipes that are usually rarer then regular recipes or for mail created with Leatherworking. Regular scales can be found off of Turtles (Turtle Scale), Deviates (Wailing Caverns - Perfect Deviate Scale, Deviate Scale), Murlocs (Slimy/Thick Murloc Scale), Scorpids (Heavy Scorpid Scale, Scorpid Scale), and Silithids (Silithid Chitin).

Dragons whelps drop whelp scales depending on their color (Red/Black/Green). Dragonkin drop dragon scale (Worn, Green, Blue, Black, Red) and many Dragonkin bosses drop special scales (that may require above 300 skinning) (Dreamscale (Emerald Dream Dragons), Scale of Onyxia (Onyxia), and Brilliant Chromatic Scale (BWL).

Etiquette is pretty simple when it comes to skinning. If it's an enemy you killed then skin away! If it's an enemy someone else has killed then ask them if you may skin it before you begin to skin. If it's a skinnable corpse and NO ONE is in the area, then look harder. If no one is still around then skin it (but save the skin should the owner of the corpse return).

Basically, with skinning, the skin is owned by whoever killed the enemy. If the owner of the kill can't skin then they will usually say "sure, skin away". However, sometimes they may not wish for you to skin their kills. In which case it's best to honor their wishes since they were the ones to place the time into the kills.