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Skinning Guide Updated

10 Player Normal Mode

Skinning in World of Warcraft is a fine profession for those seeking to obtain leather for various goods out there or perhaps just gold. David "Xerin" Piner has gone through and revamped our skinning guide to bring you the latest and freshest information from where Arctic Furs come from to just how you skin a beast. Those of you thinking of becoming a skinner or seasoned skinners in need of advice should head on over and see what skinning is all about. We even have some awesome advice on where the easiest places to farm is.

Skilling Up
First things first you’ll need a skinning knife. Grab one from any trade supply person. The best one to look for is one that’s right next to a skinning trainer.

There isn’t any talk of endlessly grinding recipes or finding any dandelions here. Skilling is real simple. You can skin anything that’s skinnable to your level. You figure this out by taking its level and multiplying it by 5. So a level 20 enemy will need 100 skinning to be skinnable. A level 80 enemy will need 400 skinning in order to rip its hide off. The enemy will also have to be “skinnable”, in so much that it has to be flagged by the game as something you can skin. The complete list is daunting, but most beasts and dragonkins can be stripped of their skin for your personal profit. Once you’ve located an enemy that’s within the level of skill you have it’s time to slay it.

Making Cash with Skinning
Of course, you’ll want to stuff your pockets with cash after going through all of the effort to slay a beast, take it of its possessions, and remove its skin from the flesh. Well, that’s certainly possible. Two types of leather present the biggest profit. Low level leather can sell well for people skilling up, but it’s not always in the highest demand. High level leather sells really well, as long as leg enchants are needed which is often between Tuesday – Friday when people get their latest gear and need to enchant it.

Leather is easily farmed from enemies in Northrend to produce Borean Leather. There are a few prime farm spots, but some will disappear if you phase out of the area. The Argent Vanguard in Icecrown are in a constant battle with spider people loyal to Arthas. These nerubians have a really fast spawn rate and there are NPCs around who will help you kill them. They drop a ton of Borean Leather and Arctic Furs, so you never run out and you don’t have to move around a lot. The downside is that you’ll have to give up on a lot of quests in Icecrown that are triggered from phasing out of that area.

Otherwise you may find Sholazar Basin as a great place to farm. You’ll find a good deal of non-aggressive Gorillas there, not to mention the other skinnable beasts that roam about. An epic flying mount can really help speed up the rate of collection if you’re over farming one area.

Secondary Professions
There are three skinning friendly professions. Mining, Herbalism, and Leatherworking.

Leatherworking: The thing that comes to mind when you think skinning. The truth though is that many Leatherworkers don’t have the time to farm the materials for everything they make. So they instead are the ones who buy the leather off the auction house. You’re not required by any length to go into Leatherworking, but it does use almost everything you can gather. It’s worth a consideration, especially if you’re a leather or mail wearing class.
Herbalism & Mining: Two gathering professions that are an allstar choice with Skinning. You can gather herbs or mine while hunting beasts for mega amounts of gold. Although, you can’t really dedicate to doing both really well at the same. This combo helps at lower levels a lot more than at the highest level.
All Other Professions: As good as anything, really. You can’t make an argument about being a Skinner/Blacksmith other than the fact you can’t mine your own metal. If you’ve got the gold to fund the profession then there isn’t much reason to take its partner gathering profession along with you.