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Noblegarden Guide

Noblegarden is the World of Warcraft Easter theme holiday that starts usually on Easter Sunday and runs a full week. The 2009 Noblegarden occurred on April 21st, instead of Easter Sunday, but the 2010 Noblegarden started right on April 4th and will run until April 11th.

The holiday focuses on collecting eggs for chocolate which can then be turned in for pets, clothes, and other awesome items that last throughout the holiday and beyond. The entire event is contained with every level 5 city (the second city in every starter zone) keeping the event and the lag out of the major cities.

Let’s get started on the most important thing of Noblegarden, egg hunting!

Egg Hunting & Chocolates
Hunting eggs is a very simple yet tedious task. Go to any level 5 city (the second city in every starting zone) and search for eggs on the ground to collect. The cities are Goldshire, Kharanos, Dolanaar, Azure Watch for the Alliance, Bloodhoof Village, Falconwing Square, Brill, and Razor Hill for the Horde. When you see a Brightly Colored Egg on the ground simply right click it and you’ll obtain a Brightly Colored Egg. Open the egg for some Noblegarden Chocolate, Egg Fragments (for the daily quest), and a chance at a random vendor item.

Please note that you will probably not need to buy everything on the list because the eggs have a random chance to drop any item that the vendor has. Additionally, many items are not bind-on-pickup and can be traded between players in order to get the achievements. So be sure to factor that into your egg hunting plans.

In total, to get everything available and all of the achievements, you will need about 500 chocolates. However, as previously stated, working cooperatively and with a bit of luck you’ll need way less than that. So be sure to open your eggs as you go and don’t buy anything until you’re done egg hunting. The Blossoming Branch, needed for the easy way to do one of the achievements, is obtainable through the daily quest that you can read about below.

The actual egg hunt can be difficult due to how tedious and time consuming it is. However, Blizzard has bumped up the number of egg spawns making it a bit easier. We do have some tips for you in your quest to become a Noble Gardener:

There are two distinct methodologies to egg hunting. The first is to run around looking for eggs using the basket as often as you can to sprint. The other is to find a good spot where there are a lot of eggs respawning and wait for their respawn. One requires you to move a lot while the other requires you to stay stationary and click. Neither have an advantage over the other, so do what works for you.
Hunting eggs during the prime-time may seem like it would be more difficult, but eggs like any resource respawn instantly after they are looted. So there are always a static number of eggs out. It can, however, be a lot more difficult to get eggs if people beat you to them all the time. So with that said, it’s easier to do the achievement in the early morning or off-peak hours.
You have four available cities to hunt eggs in. You can easily switch cities if one city is not working for you.
You can accept a quest which will give you an Egg Basket; however you don’t have to turn it in to keep the basket (saving you 10 chocolates). Simply accept the quest and don’t turn it in and you’ll keep an awesome item that gives you a 60% sprint every 10 seconds. This can help greatly with egg collecting.
There are only three quests to this holiday. One is a breadcrumb quest, and one is a regular quest for an Egg Basket that isn’t necessary for anything. Lastly there is a daily quest for the Blossoming Branch, one of the items needed for the achievement.

Spring Gatherers (Horde) or Spring Collectors (Alliance)
This quest simply asks you to see a Spring Gatherer/Collector in one of the egg collecting areas (the level 5 newbie cities).
The Great Egg Hunt
This is a daily quest that requires 20 Brightly Colored Shell Fragments (looted from eggs) and in return gives you a Blossoming Branch.
A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket
This quest’s reward is an Egg Basket which gives you a 60% sprint every 10 seconds in the areas where you can loot eggs. However, you don’t have to turn the quest in to get a basket. Turning the quest in gives you a basket but costs 10 chocolates. You get a basket for accepting the quest.
Noblegarden Achievement Guide

Be sure to check their level before you throw a pair of ears their way.
You’ll need a lot of eggs and a bit of luck to get all of the achievements. Luckily we have a how-to for them all, sorted in alphabetical order.

Noble Gardener (Meta achievement)
Do every achievement below EXCEPT Dressed For The Occasion and Sunday’s Finest. Those are not required. This achievement awards a title and is a qualifier for “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.”

Blushing Bride: Another player will need to be wearing the Elequent Dress (male or female) while you wear a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants. Then you’ll need to /kiss them. Fret not, you don’t need to rebuy everything, you can simply trade the clothes around and take turns doing it.
Chocoholic: Eat 100 Noblegarden Chocolates. You’ll get Chocolate Lover on the way to getting this achievement.
Chocolate Lover: Eat 25 Noblegarden Chocolates.
Desert Rose: You’ll need the Spring Robes (50 Chocolates at the vendor or random from an egg), wear it and then use the ability in Badlands, Desolace, Silithus, Thousand Needles, or Tanaris.
Dressed for the Occasion: Not required for the meta achievement, but you’ll get this if you found a Elegant Dress in a Brightly Colored Egg.
Hard Boiled: You need to lay an egg in Golakka Hot Springs in Un’Goro Crater. The only way to lay an egg is to be a rabbit which requires someone to use a Blossoming Branch on you or to be turned into one by an egg. The easiest way to do this is to do the daily quest with a friend for a Blossoming Branch then head down to Golakka Hot Springs in Un’Goro (near 30,50 lake on the west side of the map), use the branch on each other and wait for your bunny self to lay an egg. The only other way is to open eggs until you become a bunny and truck yourself all the way over there (without taking damage and losing your bunny costume) then wait until you lay an egg. The latter option is a lot more difficult to do, so bring a friend.
I Found One!: Loot a Brightly Colored Egg
Noble Garden: For the Alliance simply use a Noblegarden Egg in Stormwind. For the Horde simply use a Noblegarden Egg in Silvermoon. You can then loot the egg and get one Noblegarden Chocolate back. The egg is bought on the vendors.
Shake Your Bunny-Marker: Use Spring Flowers to place bunny ears on a female of every race that’s above level 18. You can get the Spring Flowers for 50 Chocolates or you can get one randomly from an egg.
Spring Fling: Get the Spring Rabbit’s Foot and summon the pet (100 Chocolates/from an egg) then find another player in all of the Noblegarden cities (see above for where the event is happening) and have it um, make love to another person with their bunny out.
Sunday’s Finest: Discover a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants inside a Brightly Colored Egg. Not required for the meta-achievement.