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Jewelcrafting Guide

What is Jewelcrafting?

It is the newest profession in World of Warcraft that will be available in the upcoming expansion, the Burning Crusade. According to the Burning Crusade official website, jewelcrafting is “the art of creating beautiful jewelry and trinkets from metals and rare gems.

What can I make with jewelcrafting?

Jewelcrafters can make jewelry (rings, amulets and trinkets). They can also make figurines for themselves (they are bind on pickup, so only jewelcrafters can use them) that are able to be equipped in a trinket slot. These figurines have passive benefits and also can add a quick buff when needed. Jewelcrafters can also cut jewels to be added into a socketed item.

Where do I train for jewelcrafting?

You can find jewelcrafter trainers in the Exodar (draenei city) and Silvermoon City (blood elf city). This is subject to change once the Burning Crusade goes live.

What type of materials are used in jewelcrafting?

Metal ores and bars and gems, mostly. A few recipes may call for alchemy or engineering materials. Most items require a jewelcrafter's kit. They can be bought on a vendor for 8 silver.

Where are gems found?

Jewelcrafters will have a prospecting skill which will enable them to extract gems from ore. Also, miners will sometimes find them while gathering ore and some dungeon bosses will be carrying gems.

Socketed item? What’s that?

Socketed items will be weapons and armor that have sockets in them. They can be of uncommon, rare or epic quality.

Great! Where can I get one?

Tailors, leatherworkers, and blacksmiths will be able to make socketed items. They will drop in dungeons as well.

What are sockets?

The sockets are spaces to put gems that will give an item better stats or qualities. They are color-coded and when matched with the same color jewel you will get a special stat bonus in addition to the gem’s regular effect. You can put jewels into a socket that is not the same color, but without the added stat bonus.

Will I need jewelcrafting to install the jewel?

No. Anyone can install the jewel, however, you will need jewelcrafting to cut the raw gem for use in a socket. Jewelcrafters can sell the cut gems on the auction house.

Can I replace a jewel that I have in a socket with a better one?

You cannot remove a gem once it has been socketed, however, you can replace it. Doing so will break the old jewel, making it unusable.

Will current items receive sockets?

Blizzard has not stated that current items will receive sockets. They have said that items of uncommon, rare and epic quality in the Burning Crusade will have sockets.

Will socketed items of the same quality have the same number of sockets?

The rumor is yes, that there is a static number of sockets for each quality of item (uncommon, rare and epic). However, the Blizzard post that confirmed this has been lost somewhere along the way. Once we find out the information for certain, we will be sure to update this with the confirmed answer.

Tell me about this prospecting skill.

Prospecting is a skill available to jewelcrafters at skill level of 20. It takes 5 ore to use. Basically, you destroy the ore to search for gems.

What gems are found in prospecting?

So far, the same gems are found in prospecting as can be found when mining the same level of ore (for example: copper ore/shadowgems or mithril/citrine).

How are the qualities of a gem determined?

Different gem types have different basic properties. The cut will determine the effect the gem will have. Jewelcrafters will learn different cuts over the course of their training.

Do gems have level requirements?

There are some things we don’t know yet and this is one of them.

Can items be both socketed and enchanted?

Yes. Items can have both sockets and enchants on them (if the item is socketed).

Should I stockpile anything now to level up jewelcrafting once the expansion goes live?

It would be smart to stockpile all of the ores, and gems that are now available in game. At the moment, jewelcrafting uses all of the lower-level gems: shadowgem, malachite, tigerseye, lesser moonstone, moss agate, etc.