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Herbalism Guide

Herbalism is the profession for picking various herbs used mostly in the by Alchemy. Herbs are spread throughout every zone in the game and many are considered very valuable, even if they aren’t all that rare! Herbalism is very similar to Skinning and Mining in that it is a gathering profession used to gather resources to be used in other professions.

Herbalism is a primary skill, meaning that it does count against your two primary skill limit. Keep this in mind, because you can have only one other primary skill (like Alchemy) while having learned Herbalism. You can unlearn Herbalism at any time in your professions tab, however doing so will set your skill level to zero should you start it again.

To begin you seek a <Herbalism Trainer> out in order to pick up the Herbalism profession. From there, simply interact with the trainer who will teach you the delicate art of Herbalism. When you first start off you will be an Apprentice Herbalist and have to pay only a few copper to learn the profession.

There are several ranks to Herbalism and as your skill progresses you’ll find yourself at a point where you can’t continue further without training. Just go to any trainer which should contain up to Artisan. For Master, you need to venture forth to Outlands where a Master Herbalism trainer is located (in the first town you visit Honor Hold/Thrallmar). Trainers are located in every major city, just ask a guard!

Like Mining, Herbalism is a very easy profession to use. Simply start off by activating the “Find Herbs” skill that is in your spellbook. Now look at your minimap for any yellow blips. When you find a yellow blip, head towards it and look at the ground. You should find a group of herbs that are selectable. The tooltip will display a color: red (can’t pick), orange (can pick, chance to fail, high chance of skill increase), yellow (can pick, low chance of failure, decent chance of skill increase), green (can pick, low chance of skill increase), or grey (can pick, no skill increase or failure). If it’s Orange or below simply right click on the plant to begin the process of “looting” it.
When the process is done, assuming you don’t fail (if you do just try again), you’ll get one or more herbs located within that plant. Some plants contain multiple herbs and even herb types while others may just include one herb. On anything colored between Orange and Green you have a chance to gain a skill up.

There are a few things to note about herbs in Outland. Some herbs will give motes or other items when looted. Some herbs may even give a buff or debuff. For instance, Netherbloom will either give you +50 to a random stat or a debuff of -50 to a random stat. Mana Thistle will restore mana, Nightmare Vine will place a poison on you for 1,000 damage over 10 seconds, and Dreaming Glory gives a 15 minute buff that restores 50 HP every 5 seconds.