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Enchanting Guide

Enchanting is one of the primary professions in World of Warcraft. Anyone who takes up the trade of Enchanting become an Enchanter which means they have the ability to enchant (add stats and effects to) items and the ability to disenchant (destroy items to turn their magical properties into items that can be reused in Enchanting) items. These two abilities work side by side. An Enchanter can take a magical item and then disenchant it to collect the magical properties in the form of a dust or essence. Then they can take the dust, essence, etc. and use it to create additional magical properties on existing items.

Enchanting is a primary profession which means that it counts towards the two profession limit. You can unlearn Enchanting at any time; however doing so will reset your skill at zero and you will unlearn any recipes you may have found along the way. It’s inadvisable to do so once you begin collecting the rarer recipes.

To begin, seek out an <Enchanting Trainer> who can teach you Apprentice Enchanting. These trainers are located in every major city, like Stormwind and Silvermoon. If you need help finding an Alchemy trainer just speak to any guard in a main city. Choose “Profession Trainer” then “Enchanting” and they will mark your map with the location of a Enchanting trainer. It’ll be a neat little flag you can follow.

Enchanting goes well with a few professions. Enchanting doesn’t rely on a gathering profession for materials, so any kind of gathering profession (Mining, Skinning, Herbalism) or Tailoring are perfect companions for Enchanting. There is one thing to note and that is a lot of people see Talioring as the “perfect” companion as you can make greens then disenchant them. This is true in some situations but not all.

For instance, you can sometimes loose a lot of money this way. You could sell the cloth used to make the green items and buy more green items on the auction house then the cloth could have made. Then disenchant those and sell the materials created to make a lot of your expense back. Although there are times on the market when green items are worth more then cloth, so it’s extremely variable. I always suggest if you go Tailoring, do it for the level seventy bind-on-pickup armor sets. That or the ability to make your own spell thread to constantly change.

Enchanting is for anyone who is social, mostly. Since you are now required to raise Enchanting to disenchant things you might as well utilize the profession. In doing so you’ll need to advertise, work out deals with players, and other social situations. You can take the profession and only disenchant things, but that’s sometimes inefficient giving the market. You can only enchant things for your friends, but then again Enchanting does cost a lot of money to raise up.

There is no class Enchanting is perfect for, although if you’re going Talioring or just want one Gathering profession it’s a good choice. It’s good for those who like to work out figures, work the market, and make a lot of cash.