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Alchemy Guide

Alchemy is one of the primary professions in World of Warcraft. Those who take up Alchemy become an Alchemist which is able to brew potions, elixers, oils, and flasks. These various consumables can restore health and mana, grant invisibility, give elemental resistance, and much more. They can also convert various metals and high level essences into different properties through the power of transmutation.

The ability to brew various consumables is highly sought after in both the market and by other players. Some flasks are so powerful that they make some encounters in the game much easier by boosting a player’s health or damage by an extremely considerable amount. For instance, the Flask of Fortification grants 1,500 additional health and 30 defense rating for 2 hours!

Alchemy is a primary profession which means that it counts towards the two primary profession limit. You can unlearn Alchemy at any given time; however doing so resets your skill at zero and unlearns any recipes you may have found. It’s inadvisable to do so once you’ve begun discovering new recipes.

Alchemy is for every race and class. It’s useful for EVERYONE. For Warriors, Rogues, Hunters, Mages, and Warlocks all have very little to nothing to help heal them in combat. Alchemy allows them to cheaply create healing potions will save them from tough fights. Rogues and Hunters will find the agility boosting potions to be a blessing while Mages, Warlocks, Priests, Shamans, and any other class who uses mana will find the mana potions to be that one or two extra spells to finish the enemy.

Using Alchemy to brew your own potions is often much cheaper then buying the potions off the Auction House. That’s even if you have to buy the materials yourself! It’s a great profession for anyone. Not the mention the ability to turn herbs into gold with a few potions that everyone needs. The ability to make flasks is very highly sought after in guilds as well! It’s an all around great profession for every class.

Alchemy is very easy to use and works like the majority of the other production professions. After you’ve gone to the trainer and learned the require skill just simply open your spellbook. On the first page will be the Alchemy skill. You can either right click it to begin using Alchemy or drag to your hotbar where you can left click to use it. Either way, you should get screen that lists what you can make along with a few buttons.

Those with the Burning Crusade, a level 68 or higher character, and Alchemy at 325 skill can embark on a question to gain a specialization in Alchemy. You can only learn ONE specialization and can’t switch without dropping Alchemy (and losing all of your skill, recipes, and discoveries). If you do drop Alchemy to switch then note you won’t have to do the quest for the other specializations.

Blizzard has mentioned the rate to create additional items is at around 10-15%. You can end up getting 5 additional items in the creation of the same item. All of the items are duplicates of whatever you are creating. In most cases, you can only get additional items off of high level recipes.

Master of Elixirs
Allows an Alchemist to sometimes create more than one (up to 5) elixirs. Flasks are considered Elixirs, making this a very good specialization for any raiding guild Alchemists. For the more casual players who focus on potions or transmutes for cash then this wouldn’t be that great.

To gain a mastery of elixirs travel to Shattrath city and speak with Lorokeen. You’ll need 10 Essence of Infinity, 5 elixirs of major defense, 5 elixirs of mastery, and 5 elixirs of major agility. Return with the items and you will have gained the mastery of elixirs.

Master of Potions
Allows an Alchemist to sometimes create more than one (up to five) potions. This is a great mastery for anyone who brews potions often for PvP or to sell on the auction house. If you find yourself doing elixirs more often for your guild or for the buffs then this wouldn’t be that great of an idea.

To gain a mastery of potions travel to Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh. Find Lauranna Thar’well and take on her quest. She’ll want the Botanist’s Field Guide, 5 Super Healing Potions, 5 Super Mana Potions, and 5 Major Dreamless Sleep potions.

Master of Transmutation
Allows an Alchemist to get greater results when transmuting which basically means you can get up to five additional items during a transmute. Very useful for those who do transmuting often to take inexpensive metals/essences and turn them into something more profitable.

If you want to gain a mastery of transmutation, head to Stormspire in Netherstorm. There Zarevhi waits and he wants four Primal Mights.

Sometimes when you make a high level elixir, potion, or do a high level transmute you’ll find that you may have discovered a new recipe. The chance is VERY low, but it’s still there. There are many recipes that have to be discovered which makes the discoveries very valuable in terms of recipe advancement. You’ll discover a new potion when crafting potions, a new elixir when crafting elixirs and a new transmute when you do a transmutation.

As a note: Discoveries != Mastery. You can have Potion Mastery BUT STILL get an elixir discovery. It only matters based on what you're currently making and if what you're making is high enough level. Generally anything you learned from TBC will spark a discovery. That's so you can't make a million copper bars and learn it all.