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1-70 Power Leveling Horde Guide

Ok, so I don't actually have this guide to put up here, but I have bought it and highly recommend it, as I would say it's the best horde leveling guide out there. Just a quick review on this guide, the author who wrote it is a speed runner for a lot of games, this guy spent a lot of time researching the fastest way to level a horde character to 60 in the least amount of time possible, and he has got 4 days 20 hours /played time on a brand new server, so you know he didn't twink his character, nor used any rested experience. He frapsed this entire run, so yeah he has an entire 1-60 video, and I have seen it, and it is VERY impressive! After watching it, I don't even think I would compare to that guy's skills, but overall his guide is very helpful and informative, it has improved my routes a LOT.

Unfortunately, the guy copyrighted it and is selling it on eBay and on his web site, but I think it's worth every penny, I would check it out for yourself and buy it if you have the money. Here is the ebay listing:

I highly recommend the this guide, the video is a must see for any WoW fan. Joana/Mancow is no doubt the fastest world of warcraft power leveler, and can beat any farmer or even groups of people who take shifts playing. This is the same guy who won the leveling contest last year, and he won it by a pretty good margin. Check out his site for screenshots and movies.

He also has a nice review site for Premium WoW guides that might be worth checking out.

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