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WOW GOLD MVP - WoW Leveling Guides - Powerlevel to 20 in under 24 Hours (Horde)

Powerlevel to 20 in under 24 Hours (Horde)

Powerleveling = A method in which you acquire the greatest amount of experience points in the shortest time possible.

The method described here is for the Horde side with an 8 character account, 2 of every race and 1 of every class. Although you may be playing Alliance, or be playing Horde with less characters the same basic principles will help you level allot faster to 20. My actual play time to level 20 with my first character(Mage) was 22 hours 57 minutes and 39 seconds, you can find this info for your character using the /played command. I know this guide is not as great as the famous Joana's horde leveling guide, but this guide here can help a lot with the quests you can get and do as horde, or you can check out Skewters's 1-20 Paladin Blood Elf guide if your trying to specifically get a Blood Elf paladin to 20 ASAP. This time, to some, may seem really slow for WOW and it is, but remember that all my characters are expert crafters (skill above 125, except for enchanting) and this in itself is a HUGE time sink. I could not imagine the time actually spent skinning every single mob I could, even the ones I did not kill myself, as well as gathering every herb regardless of the agro defending it, as well as the mining. As a side note: Blizzard has done a very good job of putting most of the better material "spawns" right in the middle or very close too, allot of agro My crafting skill would be higher but I could not train to the next higher level, as the crafting trainers said I had to be level 20.(Most of my characters hit expert at level 15). Here is my characters and their trade skills, as well as, the order in which I leveled them:

Undead Mage - Skinning and Tailoring
Undead Priest - Herb and Enchanting
Troll Rouge - Herb and Alchemy
Troll Hunter - Skinning - Leatherworking
Tauren Warrior - Mining Blacksmithing (Armor)
Tauren Druid - Herb and Skinning
Orc Shaman - Mining and Blacksmithing (Weapon)
Orc Warlock - Mining and Engineering

Some items of interest here: As you can see I have 3 Herbalists, 3 Skinners, and 3 Miners on only 8 characters. (Remember that all characters gather cloth) As with this many gatherers I have never bought any items from another player, or the auction. The reason I have 2 peeps being blacksmiths is because at higher levels you can choose to "specialize" in Armor crafting or Weapon crafting, and since the Warrior is the only peep that can use Mail until level 40 I made him the Armor. Notice also, that I made the Druid a gatherer only, this is so that I can wipe her crafting skills and take "Woodworking" in the future, whether it is put in a patch or an expansion. No, I did not hear anything about woodworking but it is desperately needed, I mean an engineer can make bullets but not arrows? and what about staves? Having a blacksmith make staves is retarded. I also did not use the ninth and tenth character slots as they are for expansion peeps also. LOL, I did force my kids to play on the same server as the MPS guild, so if you see "Masony", "Mckenzie", or "Bluice" on Bleeding Hollow, they will be "noobing it up" so feel free to PK them, especially since they all went Alliance... sigh...

General things to remember when Powerleveling to 20, DO NOT grind. Grinding might be more beneficial at higher levels but at these lowbie levels, the mobs will not drop the coin or gear that you need to keep your momentum up, to keep Powerleveling. Never look over your loot, as this is a waste of time, simply "Shift-right click" everything and it will all jump into your inventory. "Shift-right click" works on dead mobs, Herb gathering, and Mining, but does not work on Skinning. By the way, you shift-right click the mob, herb or mining node, not "Shift- right click" after you open up the target. If you get a green or other decent item, they will still be there when you head to town to sell, so don't waste time now. Never buy anything from an NPC, unless it is cheap food or drink for those classes that need it, you will need all your coin for buying your skills. Never repair your items, Items are 100% effective if they have full durability or they are one point away from being useless. At these low levels you will most likely find newer better gear before your current gear wears out, however if you do have an item that turns "red" repair it the next time you go town, but do not make an extra trip now. You should level all your characters in order from level 1 to 10, then 10 to 15, then 15 to 20.

Levels 1-5

These levels should all be completed within 60 minutes, simply run around and get your quests and do them. There is little else I can help you with here. (Hopefully you have Cosmo or CT, so you do not have to view that damn scrolling text in your quests, I use a Modded form of CT that a "friend" made me)

Levels 5-10

Here is where you will go to your "next town", for Undead this will be Brill, for Orc and Troll it will be Senjinn village, for Tauren it will be Bloodhoof. O.K. here if you are an Undead do "QUEST PACK UD1"(quest packs are listed below) If Orc or Troll do "QUEST PACK OT1" If Tauren do "QUEST PACK MOO1" While doing any of the quest packs you need to remember the basics of the quests such as locations, do not waste time writing down specifics though.


Coming out of the newb spawn area there will be a guy in the road that asks you to get 10 pumpkins, do this now as this opens a new quest that you will need in the general area of the scarlet. After you get the 10 pumpkins go to brill turn in the quest, (he should make a potion that you give to an NPC in the bottom of the inn) and grab all the quests that you can around brill. Make sure your inventory is as empty as you can get it keeping only the basics. (Make sure you stop at the inn to "bind" there. Go west out of brill and talk to the big fat guy he will tell you to get 3 gloom weeds, these can be found right around the bridge area, while you are here you will see a little farmyard here this is where you get the claws that you need for the "putrid task" quest. You should also get the "blood vials" from the blood hounds here as they are right in the area. At this point you might need to run to brill and empty your inventory, unless you have found a bag or 2, even so turn in the quests and go far to the north west and you can kill the scarlets here by the tower for the "kill 10 scarlet Warriors". After this if you can do the vile fin quest as these are right there on the coast, but depending on your class they may be a little hard, if they are too hard right now just mentally note their location. At this point if you turned in the gloom weeds to the NPC in the graveyard, he will ask you to get 10 doom weeds which are north by the graverobbers. Go north and get the doom weeds and kill the grave robbers, the "mongrels" that you have to kill are north by the barn next to the farm field. By this time another trip to town for quests and selling of inventory will be needed. Next go to the Amagand farm and to the south of the farm you can kill the casters to get the eyes and the tanks there drop the ribs, you will also have to kill Devlin he is a tiny bit South East of the south most tower. Back to town to turn in quests and sell, then head South west, this will take you to the first scarlet kill task, kill the named and stay there and keep killing scarlets until you complete that quest and the task to collect 10 rings. (Proof of demise) At this point you have many options of quests you can do, do not forget to go upstairs in the inn as there is a girl up there that wants you to get duskbat pelts for her as well as 1 coarse thread. (The course thread can be bought right outside the inn from the "general trade good supplier". Keep doing the quests from brill eventually you will be given the Lich's quest that will require you to go to the Undead city to talk to the Mage in the magic quarter. Make sure you dump your items in the bank here if you have any you want to keep. After you hit level 10, DO NOT go to Silverpine. For future reference Silverpine is to the south west of the UD city just follow the road. Some notes on the other quests here, make sure you go South east on the road from Brill as there is a female NPC that will give you some quests also, these quests are far to the east. If you are looking for the friars and that kill task that is also far east and a little north, the spiders that you need to kill are at the friar location as well but west about 200-300 in-game feet.


When coming out of the Orc-Troll newbie area there will be an NPC on the road asking you to take a package to Razor Hill, take this quest now and go to Razor Hill, DO NOT go to Senjinn village yet. AT Razor Hill you will be given a Quest you go to the human fort a little ways SE of Razor Hill, do this quest now. After killing the named boss towards the top of the tower, take the key you get from his body, and go way up top and there will be a chest there outside. This chest has an Item in it that will open a quest to go back to razor hill do this now. After going to razor hill and turning in the quests you will be given a quest to search the human wreckage for gnomes tools, go SE from razor hill and you will see the wrecks right off the shore, swim out to them and you will find the little chests with the tools in them laying around the wreckage. Run back to razor hill and turn in this quest, then run south to Senjinn village, just follow the road way south of razor hill. Here get all the quests you can and go a little bit west here is an NPC that will give you the quest to destroy the war plans, do this quest now by going further west and into the little break in the mountains, the 3 plans are in the 3 camps there. Turn in that quest and go to the shore south of Senjinn village where you kill the yellow con crabs for the mucus and the red con bigger crabs for the eyes. O.K. now check you quest log you should have at least 5 quests, 1 of them will have you finding raptor eggs, that you get from razor hill, the cook there will give it to you. You should also have the get 4 tiger furs and a find the skull quests, and even kill the named boss,(name starts with a "Z"). Swim to the islands south of Senjinn village here on these islands you can find the raptor eggs, the tiger furs, the skull,(this is on a little hill by where the named mob spawns) and the kill quest for the hexed trolls and the voodoo peeps. Finish up any quests that you have left, but DO NOT go to the crossroads. If you are not level 10 yet then go to Razor hill, and keep going north, when you are almost to Orgrimar look to the left(right after you get out of the ravine) and there is a goblin there that will give you a "gather supply" quest, after that he will give you another kill quest. Both of these quests have you traveling back south and about halfway there make a left, you will find the bags together here. After you take these back and get the kill task go back to the same spot and go south through the little opening you will find your kill tasks here. There are 2 other quests you can do here without going to the crossroads, and without killing fizzle. Go to Org and stay just south of it looking at the entrance, now turn west and go straight you will find an NPC that is positioned, hiding in a big rock formation. This is a timed quest, after talking to him go to the shadow cleft in Org and you will get a quest to get poison sacks these are dropped by the venomtails that are located where the NPC was that you got the quest from. After this you can go to a hut by where fizzle is and there is a lady in there that lost her son cause a crok ate him, just go to the river and keep killing croks until the medallion drops.


When you get to Bloodhoof you will be given a quest to collect acorns(these are under any big tree) and tablets.(These are at the water well to the SE of Bloodhoof). From here you will get other tasks that are all very easy and include killing the plainstriders that are found everywhere. The claws needed from the cats can be found by going straight south out of blood hoof as well as another NPC here.(By the south mountains). The razormanes can be found to the south and east a little and the higher level ones are in a camp to the east a little farther. The harpies when you get this quest are even father east, still against the southern mountains though. When at Bloodhoof you can also follow the road east and run into another NPC that will start you on quests killing the members of the vulture mining team. The Caravan is straight north right across the little pond there. The quest to kill the Supervisors and the named boss can be done by going into the caves which is to the north and after you go into the entrance make the first right and keep going straight the named mob is there. The Spirit wolf that you have to follow will take you NW from Bloodhoof into a little cave with yet another NPC that will give you a quest. The humans that are mining are to the NW of Bloodhoof, you DO NOT have to access the forge there, just take the tools that they drop to ThunderBluff and destroy them there at the forge. The forge is right at the eastern elevators. The named "arreache" roams in a half moon shaped trail from the mid top of TB moving right then down through the valley and back again. When you get the quest from TB to obtain the feathers there is a named ghost wolf there that will yet open another quest which can be completed in Bloodhoof. All the other quests in this area are very close together and self explained.

Levels 10-15

By now I had all my characters send all the stacks of 20 linen to my Mage tailor, this was enough for me to level to "40 skill" on bolts of linen and then make 28 - 6 slot bags for all 8 of my characters, and even had enough left over to make a couple robes for my casters. At level 10 your hunter and warlock should do all the pet related quests to obtain them, for my shaman at level 10 the fire totem quest was still a little too hard. All of your characters now should have their bags slots full, if they do not this is really going to slow you down. Now instead of continuing in the area that your characters are do the following:

Send your Orc and Troll race classes to do the Undead Quest pack, send you Undead and Tauren to do the Orc and Troll quest pack. Why? Well what we want here is speed, you already have done the quests in these areas with your other characters, and now you are going to do them with characters that are a few levels high AND have full bags so that you only have to make half as many trips to town. Some Quests are going to be green, do these anyway as they are extremely quick and still yield the same exp when turned in. If you see any quests that are grey or black these are your option to do them, remember though, that as of now there is no penalty to "abandon" a quest so just abort it if you do not want to do it. This method also helps you out allot later, as your Undead can then add the Silverpine and crossroads flight paths, and your Orc and troll can add the Undead city and Silverpine Flight paths. You Tauren will get Orgrimar and the Crossroads flight paths. As Far as the leveling goes, after you do these quest packs with your other characters, they will not quite be 15, this is when they all go to Silverpine and do the "Selphcher" quests. Since these are meant to be started at level 10 you will already have a 2-3 level advantage when you start these and can simply breeze through them. Some notes on the Silverpine quests: The bear hearts can be dropped by any grizzled bear. When you are given the quest "lost death stalkers" go a little farther east when you arrive and there is a little shack there with an NPC in it this will be your first "escort" mission. To save time do not go get the skittering blood until you also have the quest to get the shackles from the moonrages and the gluttons, as they are basically in the same area to the north east of town. Stay away from Pyrewood and save the elite quests for the level 15-20 or simply avoid them. The "Border Crossing" can be completed by going south out of town to where the little tent of human spellcasters are simply loot a box there.(This is just north of Pyrewood) The named boss that you must kill is in a mine off the road to the east, he is in the back, it is a very small mine but allot of agro. The pendants that you must obtain are from human spellcasters that are across the road from the "border crossings" crate. The last quest I did in this area was to get the ichor from fenris Island which is due East from town across the water.(Ignore the talking head as you need a group to do that quest)

Levels 15-20

This should be the same for all your characters by now. Finish up any and all quests in the Sepulcher up to and including the rot hide ichor quest but stop here. If you have any classes like the shaman need there "get this at level 10 quest" do that now as this will simply be a breeze since you are so high of a level compared to the quest level. Now as you log on your characters to level them move 1 by 1 to the crossroads, I had tried to keep my Undead doing quests in Silverpine, but there is basically only "2 quests per level" in Silverpine compared to the "5-6 quests a level" at the crossroads and ratchet, not to mention the Tauren camp south of crossroads. You can find the level of a quest by using a third party program such as CT. When you get to the crossroads make sure you tag the flight path there, as you run around getting the quests from the NPC's there you will get a supply quest to go to Orgrimar or ThunderBluff, DO NOT go there yet as you should do this quest when you level to 16-18-20 so you can train at the same time instead of making 2 separate trips. When you start to do quests here be picky because ALL my characters hit there "20 quests limit" in the quest book and there were still plenty of quests to take. Also now since you are a few levels higher then the quests do them in "phases", for example: Do the plainstrider, raptor heads, disrupting the attacks, quests right there close to crossroads as these are all in the same area. You could also head west out of the crossroads to the little outpost there and start doing the "kolkar" quests as well as the quests that involve the little oasis to the NW of crossroads.(If you find any "booty keys", this opens the chest by the boss in the hut, that looks different from all the other tents, you can only carry one, but after you use it you can obtain a key again. Then just repeat over and over, isn't this what we all want? FREE BOOTY! - some of the items are really needed also - lots of greens) After you hit 20 if you want to do your elite quests now is the time, you will still need a group though, the elite quests that I found were: Ragefire (in Orgrimar at the Shadow Cleft) Pyrewood(South of the Sepulcher, I would not go all the way back there though unless you already had a group to do it) and Wailing Caverns, which really you should wait a few more levels for.