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Ice Crown Citadel Leveling Guide

Upon entering the Lower Spire, you will encounter the Argent Vanguard fighting the Scourge attempting to establish a foothold in the Citadel. This is their beachhead so to speak, and when you enter the Citadel this is where you can find their quartermaster and each of the class vendors for items. You can also find a repair point here at the blacksmith, and since you use a teleportation system inside the Citadel (much like in Ulduar) you should not need repair bots in the raid.

Lord Morrowgar
The first boss you encounter is the Citadel is Lord Morrowgar. You will find him guarding the base of the ice spire that leads up to the Frozen Throne. He is a very cool looking multi-headed undead construct with wings and a gigantic axe. He is apparently made from the bones of the Lich King’s defeated enemies, and if that is true you had better be careful or you may be seeing this fight from the other side when your bones join him.

The fight has two phases that it alternates back and forth between. The two phases could be called “the tank and DPS phase” and the run away from the “whirling axe of death phase”, but we’ll just call them phase one and two.

In phase one the tanks need to establish control over Lord Morrowar and face him away from the raid. Once that is done the tanks need to stack in front of him as one of his primary attacks does double normal damage, but is divided against up to three targets in his front arc.

DPS and Healers spread out around his back arc. Throughout the fight Lord Morrowgar will target players randomly for two special abilities. He can pick you to be flamed, in which case a line of fire extends from him to you hitting anyone silly or slow enough to stand in it, as it remains in play for several seconds. The other ability is to spike a random player with a bone. The spike impales the player to the ground and does roughly 10% damage every tick until it has been killed. DPS must switch to and kill the spikes as quickly as possible.

Lady Deathwhisper
Lady Deathwhisper is an undead lich that is in charge of the Cult of the Damned. She is found just after Lord Morrowgar and is a fight that requires groups to be split up to deal with different aspects. The fight is made up of two distinct phases.

In the first phase Lady Deathwhisper is protected by a mana shield that must be burned through before you can enter phase 2. This means that several DPS need to be assigned to burn it down. While she is protected by the shield though, she will summon in guards from the alcoves along both sides of the room. This is where the rest of the raid waits and picks up the adds as soon as they enter the fight.

The adds that enter the fight are either Adherents or Fanatics. Adherents are casters that do AOE damage, while Fanatics are melee based that have nasty frontal cleaves. Both will occasionally become empowered by Lady Deathwhisper, and when they do they gain even more power to their attacks, and need to be killed as soon as possible.
Once the adds get to very low health they will start to cast Dark Martyrdom. If they succeed they die in an AOE blaze of glory. In addition, if they succeed Lady Deathwhisper will bring them back to life as reanimated versions of themselves. These reanimated versions can only be harmed by damage opposite to what they cause. Meaning the casters can only be harmed by physical damage and the melee only by magic.

Once Lady Deathwhisper’s shield has been brought down, finish up any adds that are still alive and then everyone should focus on her. Make sure though that when the shield is getting low that a tank gets into position.

This is the second phase and all of her spells change. She now starts hitting players with a multi target frost bolt, and hits the tank with a single target frost bolt spell. In addition she will stack a debuff on the tank that lowers threat by 20% per stack. This means that at least two tanks will need to trade agro back and forth every 3rd stack so that they can stay ahead of the DPS.

Deathbringer Saurfang
This is the last boss encounter in the Lower Spire and probably the most difficult as well. Death Bringer Saurfang is a Death Knight that has been super charged by the Lich King. In addition to his formidable abilities you will also need to fight and destroy a constant stream of Blood Beasts that he summons.

The main issue that needs to be contented with in this fight is Saurfang’s Mark of the Fallen Champion ability. The Mark is placed on a random player and inflicts significant amounts of damage over time. The marks stays up for the remainder of the fight, persisting through death, and if the player is allowed to die, Saurfange heals for 5% of his health. He can only use this ability once he has amassed 100 blood power though. Controlling the amount of blood power he gets and how fast is how you control the fight. Once several Marks get placed on players it will become impossible for the healers to keep up.

Saurfang gains blood power from many of his abilities including blood boil which is cast on players. It does a small amount of damage that can be healed through, however, each tick of damage grants a blood point to Saurfang. In addition he will cast a nova effect on random players that hits that player and anyone else close by. Anyone hit takes damage and grants Saurfang blood power. To prevent and minimize this, players need to spread out as much as possible, as any player it effects grants him blood power.