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Horde Outland Leveling Guide

Leveling Guide FAQ
Q. What if I’m level 62 or 65? How do I jump into the guide?

Go to the page for that level and search for some quests in your quest log. When you find them just pick up from there. You might have to do some fiddling and a little bit of out of the way questing, but you’ll be back on track in no time.

Q. What if I fall behind?

Don’t worry. The guide is designed around a casual leveling arc. If you find yourself not getting enough experience you may want to grind for a little bit or make sure you’re doing every quest the guide suggests.

Q. What does (53,42) or “locs” or locations or cords or coordinates mean?

You’ll need a mod to show locations and you can get a good one right here. Just hover your mouse over the map to find the locations. For a more automated solution look into TomTom. Just type in /way and then the coordinates. For instance /way 45 42 will make a pointer to (45,42).

The Main Guide
The main guide gives a detailed walkthrough of everything to do step by step. It’s for the newer player who wants all the juicy details about every quest. It contains screenshots and maps to help pinpoint the quests and remove any confusion. It’s the easiest one to follow and will keep you from having to look up the quests.

Quick List
The quicklist is for the experienced WoW player who just want the coordinates and nothing but the coordinates. Following the quicklist will give simple instructions and tips and is very easy to follow. Start with the quest that you want done and go from there.

This is premium content only.

Leveling Tips
Always be sure to get food and water while in town. You’ll want to repair as well so nothing breaks. Nothing wastes time like having to go back to town to repair.

Save all of your quests and turn them in big clumps. Only go back to town whenever it’s necessary for the next followup.

Instances can really push your XP bar up, but finding a group and wasting a few hours wiping can set you back a lot. Look out for bad groups. The same goes for elite quests. Do them if you there is a group ready and willing, otherwise skip them. Their XP isn’t needed anymore.