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Enchanting Leveling Guide 1-450

To begin your Enchanting adventure you will need to head on over to your local friendly Enchanting trainer. Enchanting trainers can be found in almost all major cities and can easily be located by simply speaking to one of the guards. To see a list with the locations of the various enchanting trainers including their various skill ranks and required levels please visit this page.

Once you find your trainer proceed to train “Apprentice Enchanting” and then open your Enchanting icon that can be found in your Spellbook. Here you can see all the new spells that you have learned. To begin you will have Enchant Bracer - Minor Deflection, Enchant Bracer - Minor Health, and Runed Copper Rod. When you first learn Enchanting you will also gain the ability to Disenchant items (green quality or better). At very low levels Disenchanting can even help level your Enchanting skill. To learn more about Disenchanting visit this page.

Throughout this guide you will find that rods will be required for your enchants. At higher levels these rods can become quite costly. As you make each new rod the old one will be used in the process and the new rod will be used for all your old enchants that require lower level rods. All of the rods you need (except for the Copper Rod which is purchased from your Enchanting Supply vendor) can be made by Blacksmiths, however they can also usually be found on the Auction House if no Blacksmith is available to you.

Players who choose to be Blood Elves have a distinct advantage over other races that choose to level Enchanting. Blood Elves possess the Arcane Affinity passive racial ability which adds a ten point skill bonus to their Enchanting skill (this also raises the cap by 10 at each level of enchanting). With this bonus, players who are Blood Elves will find themselves able to get new Enchants sooner, and will be able quickly progress (and even skip) through some of the steps in this guide. As such Blood Elves will have a much easier (and less costly) time while leveling the Enchanting skill.

Enchanting 1-100

These first few levels will come easily. As mentioned before you may choose to disenchant uncommon or higher quality items to help you gain skill points instead of the steps below, however after skill level 50 you will find that the skill points from Disenchanting come too slowly to be beneficial. Keep in mind that all amounts listed are estimates, you may need more or less depending on how many enchants it actually takes you to reach the next skill level. Put these low level enchants on your own items repeatedly or offer to do them for free for others.

Enchanting 100-200

Once again, to skill up place these enchants on your own gear, or on other player’s gear for free (you probably will not be able to sell these enchants). You may need to enchant more or less to reach the skill level listed.

Enchanting 200-300

This is the first time you will have to purchase formulas from vendors, and these levels will be noticeably more expensive than the skill levels before. You will also find that you will need vials in later skill levels to assist you in making Lesser Mana Oil. These can be purchased from Trade Vendors and Alchemy Supply Vendors.

Enchanting 300-375

Before you continue, please be sure to visit one of the Master Enchanting Trainers who can be found in Outland in order to continue skilling up. You will probably find that this is one of the most expensive parts of your journey and once again you will need to travel to various vendors to purchase some formulas. As always, you may need to do more or less of each enchant to reach the listed skill level.

Enchanting 375-450

Before continuing on please visit a Grand Master Enchanting Trainer in Northrend to be able to skill up past level 375. This will be the most expensive tier of your Enchanting career, however it also has potential for great profits. Advertise your services in Trade Chat and do your Enchants for tips, or place the higher level enchants on Vellums and then sell them in the Auction House. Keep in mind that you may need to do more or less enchants than listed below.