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Alliance Leveling Guide 60-70

"The Fastest Path to 70!"

This is a continuation of our Alliance level 60-70 guide. From here we continue to take you step by step in the fastest way possible to level seventy. If this is your first character or your fourth this guide will help you speed through the levels by telling you the most efficient way to go about gaining XP and doing quests.

The last place this guide left you should have been Temple of Telhamat and around half way through level sixty. This guide continues onward you in quest to level seventy. Remember! This guide is only our suggested best way to level 70. You may find the game is more fun if you explore and quest on your own, but some of us really don’t have fun except for the end game and this is exactly who this guide is aimed at.


Level Sixty and a half to Sixty One

Head to the Temple of Telhamat which is at 23,41 in the top left hand corner of Hellfire Penninsula. There are only a few quests available here now, but more will grow soon enough. Start off by scouring the town and picking up “Deadly Predators”, “In Search of Sedai”, “Cruel Taskmasters”, and “The Pools of Aggonar”. Turn in “The Temple of Telhamat” while you’re here. Services offered in this town are like most other semi-major towns. There is a Hippogryph Master (be sure to get the flight Point), a Medic named Burko who sells First Aid Books, food/drinks/reagents, and various quest NPCs.

If you met Kuma, the Hippogryph Master, then you’re in luck. Our next location is east (jumping down away from the temple) towards 25,37. There is a corpse of a dead Dreanei here named Sedai who will give you the quest “Return to Obadei”. From here you simply return to town and pick up “Makuru’s Vengeance”. This quest line is a really good look at the hypocritical attitude Draenei have towards vengeance and justice.

Head out of town towards where Sedai was and follow the path upward into the Mag’Har village. Kill orcs until you have ten of their necklaces. Then you get to head eastward towards 37,42 to complete “The Pools of Aggonar”. When both of these are done return to the temple and pick up “Atonement” (oops shouldn’t have killed those orcs! at least lore wise anyway) and “Cleansing the Waters”. Turn in “Atonement” in town for the quest “Shanaar Relics”. At this point I suggest taking a little break, restocking, and anything else you need to get done.

Head out to the Cenarion Post which is a little southwest of the temple (hrm, 14,51) and turn in the quest  “Missing Missive”. You can pick up a few quests here, but we’ll worry about them a little bit later. Right now head for The Ruins of Shanaar (which is a little south of the outpost) and kill Taskmasters for the “Cruel Taskmasters” quest. You probably want to bring a friend along with you to get this as done as fast as possible and for the second part. See there is a lengthy quest here the starts from one of the elders in a hut (16,65) do all of the quests (good XP and you can kill Taskmasters while doing it) and you’ll fight an elite. Use the rod to remove his elite status and he’s pretty much cake. I had a friend help me with it though. Be sure to pick up enough Sha’naar Relics for “Sha’naar Relics”!

Head south towards 23,74 where a small Dwarven settlement is at (anyone remembering Westfall?) and turn in the quest “The Longbeards”. You’ll get three new quests: “Rampaging Ravagers”, “The Arokkoa thread”, and “Gaining Mirren’s Trust”. By now you should be friendly with Honor Hold and if you followed earlier instructions you have the Nethergarde Bitter. If you aren’t friendly yet (not enough questing!) or don’t have the Bitter then go obtain them and return so you can get “The Finest Down”. The reason why is that “The Finest Down” is part of a chain of quests coming up you can complete all at once.

Ravagers, Haal’eshi Talonguards, Windwalkers, Kaliri Nests and Avruu are all really close nearby. Look up the quests and get them down, running back to the camp to turn in all the quests. Now head east from the Haal’eshi valley and kill stonescythes. At 39,86 there are more ravagers and ravager eggs. Pick them all up and get the stonescythes slain.

You should technically be 61 by now. One more level in Hellfire then we move on!

Go to 49,74 and turn in “Ravager Egg Roundup” and “In Case of Emergency…” and pick up “Helboar, the Other White meat” and “Voidwalkers Gone Wild”. Get ready for a long grind, the Hellboar meat purification has about a half and half chance of working and Helboars are annoying to kill. It’s good grinding XP though. The warp fields are at 47,80 and you can just kill Voidwalkers pretty easily. You’ll be close to the Armory so go ahead and take out Thalvos and Xintor around 53,80. Head back to the Zepplin and turn in your quests.

Head back to Telhamat and turn in all your quests while getting “Helping the Cenarion Post”, “The Seer’s Relic” and “An Ambitious Plan”. Jump down eastward and head to Sedai’s Corpse to use the Seer’s Relic. Afterwards head to the The Pools of Aggonar with a friend and take out Aggonar. I think I solo’d him, but he was pretty tough. Turn ‘em both in then head to Honor Hold.