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The Mechanar Guide

Once again we brave the Tempest Keep in Netherstorm, this time to visit The Mechanar. The Mechanar is the home of Pathaleon the Calculator, who can be found at the end of the instance. Pathaleon has been identified as being behind the Blood Elf issues throughout the Outlands and reports directly to Kael'thas. It won't be an easy fight to get to the end of the instance to stop him.

Trash MOBs

Sunseeker Astromage - They have a very nasty fire shield aura that hits for roughly 500 damage per tick to everyone in melee range. A mage can spell steal this and it can be quite useful, however causes high threat.

Tempest-Forge Patroller - This MOB summons other nearby MOBs and has an AoE knock back. Make sure you pull him far back, and / or stun him to prevent the summons.

Tempest-Forge Destroyer - Has a power slam ability where his hands start to glow and then he slams the ground causing an AoE that hits everyone in melee range for up to 2k per slam. He does 3 slams back to back when he is glowing so it is critical to clear the area when he does.

Bloodwarder Physician - This caster based MOB has two very annoying abilities. First they sleep the closest non-tank player and secondly they heal other MOBS. Should be crowd controlled or killed first.

Sunseeker Netherbinder - Another caster based MOB that summons two arcane elementals that have very strong arcane magical attacks.

Mechanar Driller - Has a stacking stacking debuff that reduces armor by 20% as well as a 50% movement speed debuff. These should only hit the tank, so don't pull aggro.

Mechanar Tinkerer - This is a fairly weak non-elite MOB, that does a ton of damage. Throws netherbombs constantly for roughly 500 AOE damage per bomb.

Mechano-Lord Capacitus

Head Crack - This debuff hits the person with the most aggro (which should be the tank) and decreases stamina by 200.

Nether Bombs - He constantly throws nether bombs that circle around on a timer. Then they detonate they with everyone in an AoE for up to 3000 damage.

Reflect Melee Shield - This shield reflects melee damage causing roughly 1000 damage per hit back on the attacker. He will glow red when this shield is active.

Reflect Magic Shield - This shield reflects spell damage and reflects all spells back onto the caster.

Nethermancer Sepethrea

Dragon's Breath - This attach confuses the target for for 3 seconds and drops them from her aggro list during this time.

Frost Based Attack - To throw a twist in the fight she can cast a frost based debuff that hits for about 500 damage and reduces the targets attack speed significantly.

Arcane Blast - An AoE that hits everyone in it for about 500 damage.

Pathaleon the Calculator

Mind Control - Pathaleon can mind control a random player, this lasts for about 10 seconds.

AoE Silence - He has an AoE silence ability called that hits everyone but has a short duration (about 5 seconds).

Drain Mana - Random target channeled drain mana ability.

Summon Elementals - He can summon 3 arcane elementals roughly every 45 seconds. They hit very hard (about 800 per hit) but do not have all that much health.