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The Mana Tombs Guide

The Mana Tombs themselves are a wing for players level 64-66 that mainly house energy mummy type creatures called ethereals. Outside the Mana Tombs you will find more of these creatures, but they are an opposing faction called the Consortium. The Consortium is an organization of ethereal traders, smugglers or thieves (depending who you ask), that would like you to enter the tombs and gain them access to it, since the other ethereals have set up a blocking field to them of some sort. In doing so you can start building reputation with the consortium to gain access to some very nice rewards.


Undercutting the Competition - Kill Nexus-Prince Shaffar

Fight through the instance and destroy Shaffer. Not as easy as it sound the first time through.

Safety's Job is Done - Kill several different mobs in the instance and them access the control panel prior to allow the Consortium into the Mana Tombs.

Simply kill the various MOBs along the way through the instance, and then touch the floating access panel just before reaching Shaffers room. It looks like a floating version of the Hellraiser puzzle box and is located next to a gateway.

There is a third quest that you can gain access to once you complete Safety's Job is Done, which is:

Someone Else's Hard Work Pays off - Escort the head engineer back to entrance.

Trash MOBs

Ethereal Priest – These ethereals have a very nasty AoE blast, so it is critical to keep them at a distance from the rest of the group.

Ethereal Darkcaster - These casters can hit for a ton of shadow damage and need to be dropped quickly.

Mana Leech – These flying leech like energy fish suck up the mana from anyone around them and explode when they die causing big damage in an AoE blast. Ensure that all casters are as far away as possible from these, especially the healer, or your tank will go down from lack of heals.

Nexus Terror - These are large shadow elementals that look similar to void walkers. They can cause lots of damage and have a fair amount of health. They attacks are shadow based and have a very nasty DoT that needs to be dispelled quickly. Lastly, they can do an AoE fear, so be ready for it and do not tank him near other remaining MOBs, always pull back.


Void Blast - This attack hits everyone within 30 yards for about 1500 damage and knocks them back. He does this attack in waves of 5, 1 every second for 5 seconds. As long as you are in range you will keep getting hit.

Shadow Shield - Periodically Pandemonius will glow with a green/yellow shield. This shield reflects all spells cast on him and deals 1000 damage back to all melee attackers. All spells cast while the shied is up are reflected, but DoTs cast before the shield come up are not, so it is safe to DoT him. Also ranged attacks are not reflected, so hunters can continue to attack.


Earthquake - He can stomp his feet and cause a localized earthquake (much like a Tauren Stomp) that hits for about 900 damage and stuns. The range is the issue on this one though at over 30 yards, so healers need to be at maximum distance to not be affected.

Crystal Prison - This ability hits one random player and imprisons them in a crystal block for five seconds. While in the block you suffer 10% of your life in damage every second, for a total of 50% damage.

Nexus-Prince Shaffer
Elemental Bolts - This attack can hit players for up to 1500 damage of either shadow, frost or fire based damage. He will attack the person with aggro.

Ethereal Beacons - Shaffer starts with three ethereal beacons and can then summons another roughly every 10 seconds. The beacons attack with an arcane based attack, and turn into an ethereal caster if not killed in roughly 15 seconds.