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The Feral Druid




Main Entry: 2craft
Function: transitive verb
Date: 15th century
: to make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity <is crafting a new sculpture> <a carefully crafted story>


Main Entry: the·o·ry craft
Function: intransitive verb
Date: Early 2005
: To hyper-analyze, mathematically, game mechanics and abilities to gain a deeper understanding and to ultimately maximize effectiveness.

Theorycrafting actually began with StarCraft and was transitioned to WoW with the advent of the game. WoW theorycrafting gained its popularity and notoriety around the time The Burning Crusade expansion launched. The main focus of Theorycrafting was initially maximizing DPS and minimizing downtime, also known as Min/Maxing. It has spread to all aspects of WoW and created many heated debates between crafters and players alike. Too many times theorycraft becomes a mish mash of information overload and conflicting ideas.

This week’s article will focus on the most dynamic of the Druid talent specializations, one that unlike most other DPS classes has no set rotation to follow. Top DPS feral players rely on skill and quick reaction times to crank out every last hundredth of a point of damage to routinely top the meters. Attention to detail and maximum focus are needed to get the most out of this spec but like every other WoW class you are only as strong as your numbers will allow. Maximizing your stats from gear and your talent choices will bridge the gap between average and outstanding.

Talent Specialization

The current top Feral DPS single target talent build. This is the build most cat druids should use for end game raiding, it maximizes your effectiveness against raid bosses and still allows you to be viable on trash. For players who like to do AoE damage or mostly do five player dungeons where you kill in packs use this build. Feral tanks will want to use this build to gain the most effectiveness.

Feral DPS has no set rotation but rather a series of priorties that need to be maintained:

Savage Roar should always be up
Rake should always be up
Mangle should always be up
Shred is your go to ability for combo point generation
Use Rip when you have full combo points, if it isn't already up.
If Rip is up and you have full combo points then use Savage Roar
Pop Tigers Fury when below thirty energy
Shred is energy intesive so make sure to use it with clearcasting as often as possible.
Save Berserk for a high energy situation where you also get a raid buff such as Bloodlust/Heroism
A couple of things to try and remember while learning this priority list, don't get confused by the statement about using Savage Roar at full combo points if Rip is already active, it never matters how many combo points you have, if SR is about to drop then you need to pop it again.