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The Arcatraz Guide


There is only one real quest in The Botanica and it is to find a way into Arcatraz.

Seer Udalo - Find Seer Udalo inside the Arcatraz in Tempest Keep.

The Seer can be found dead, just before the final boss. You can inspect his body to complete the quest.

The Second and Third Fragments - Obtain the Second Key Fragment from an Arcane Container inside Coilfang Reservoir and the Third Key Fragment from an Arcane Container inside Tempest Keep. Return to Khadgar in Shattrath City after you've completed this task.

The fragment is located just after the first boss to the side of the large room full of giant void walkers.

Trash MOBs

Arcatraz Sentinel –These start off all fights appearing dead, however when you get close they "wake up" and attack you. They randomly attack people in range for 1000 arcane damage while they are alive and for several seconds after they die. They also explode once they are ready to die hitting everyone in melee range for about 4k damage.

Protean Spawn – Located around the instance are dead Blood Elf corpses. When you get to close to them or attack at a distance they will spawn two protean spawn worms, that attack for a small amount of damage but explode upon death for up to 2k in an AoE.

Negaton Warp-Master - These look like giant void walkers are easy to deal with if you keep them moving. If left in one place they put a glowing purple aoe at their feet that heals them and increases their damage by 250 per hit, that stacks 10 times.

Death Watcher – Places a debuff called "marked for death" on players, and if the death watcher is not killed within the count down time for the debuff, anyone with the debuff will take 5,000 damage. The count down is 30 seconds.

Gargantuan Abyssal - These Giants are located late in the instance and call down meteors on everyone around them. The meteors are much like the ones in AQ40, in that they do an amount of damage divided by everyone in range. This means everyone must cluster around the tank.

Zereketh the Unbound

Seed of Corruption - The same as the Warlock spell, cast on a random target in the group.

Shadow Nova - This is a large AoE blast centered on Zereketh, that hits for about 2200 and does a long distance knock back. The AoE only effects those within about 30 yards and LoS, so can be avoided.

Void Zone - Zereketh created void zones at random spots around the room, that appear as black holes on the floor. Anyone in the void zone will suffer about 1200 shadow damage per second.

The fight mainly involves having the tank fight Zereketh with his back to the wall so that he can avoid getting knocked back. The best place is next to one of the corners in the room so that the DPS players can step around the corner as shadow nova is being cast to avoid the damage and knock back. The tank will also very likely need to move at least once during the fight as inevitably a void zone will be spawned where he is tanking.

All ranged DPS and healers should stay at max range to avoid the shadow nova and be prepared to move if a void zone appears near them. Also since Seed of Corruption can not be dispelled it is best to spread out and to try to keep everyone at max health.

Dalliah the Doomsayer

Healing Debuff - Places a very nasty debuff on the player with the most aggro (MT) that heals her as well as the player whenever they are healed. It is not dispellable.

Whirlwind - What seems to be her favorite attack as she does this very often. Hits everyone in melee range for up to 3000 damage per tick.

Heal - As soon as she is done her whirlwind attack she will heal herself. It is a 2 second cast time though and interruptible.

The fight is a timing based fight. The tank just needs to hold aggro and then when a whirlwind starts, everyone needs to clear out of range, including the tank. While the tank is out of range everyone should stop DPS as she is immune to taunt and aggro must be controlled carefully or she will switch targets. As soon as the whirlwind has stopped someone needs to interrupt the heal that she starts to cast.

The healing debuff should always be placed onto the tank, as they will have the most aggro. Because of this the Tank should not have HoTs on them, and you must stop healing them, this include Vampiric Embrace from Shadow Priests. A priests Shield is effective at this point on the tank as it is not healing and will save some of their life. As soon as the debuff fades you must heal the tank to full health and prepare for the next debuff. Keep the tank at full health between the debuffs and they will not go down in the timeframe that you can not heal, it even give you a chance to get some mana back.

Harbinger Skyriss

The forth boss is Harbinger Skyriss, who if you have ever been to the Temple of Ahn'Qira you will recognize him as a clone of the Prophet Skeram. The fight however is not just against Harbinger Skyriss, instead you must defeat 3 preliminary mini-bosses first. The 3 mini bosses are essentially buffed versions of mobs that you have fought in the instance before and are set lose 1 at a time. If you finish each off quickly you should have a brief amount of time between each one and be able to enter the next fight at almost full health and mana by eating and drinking.


The instance can go by very quickly, and can be done in less than 2 hours easily with an experienced group. The MOBs and bosses are interested and fun, especially Skyriss (although the randomness is sometimes a drag). The only thing missing to me in the instance is any quests of note. Sure there are two quests, but shouldn't there be more from someplace? For such a great instance, you almost have no story line reason to be there. Don't worry though the loot will get many players heading to it, so finding a group should never be hard.