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Rogue Instance Guide



Choosing a race for a Rogue can be hard, because all 10 of the races can become Rogues except Taurens and Draenei. There are “better” races than others (Human for Alliance, Orc and Undead for Horde), but any race is an alright pick and won’t make you useless by any extent.


Humans: They start with 3 Sword/Mace expertise making them already healthy Rogue candidates. Combine that with Perception (allowing you to see stealth easier) and Every Man for Himself (removes all movement impairing effects & effects that make you lose control of your character) and you have yourself a very, very strong race for a Rogue.
Gnomes: A “bad” choice going by racials, the only good Gnome racial is Escape Artist which is good for getting away from snares. Very small and hard to see while stealthed, which is a plus in PvP.
Dwarf: Stoneform can get rid of bleeds, poisons, and diseases which normally keep you out of stealth. Expertise with maces is increased by 5 which is really, really good. So it’s not a bad choice.
Night Elves: Shadowmeld is pretty good for a second “vanish”, Elusiveness is really good for PvP, and Quickness is great in solo content when you’re getting hit.

Orcs: Blood Fury gives you 322 attack power for 15 seconds at level 80, while Axe Specialization gives you 5 expertise with axes and fist weapons making it one really good racial. Stuns role off an Orc with ease, making them one of the better PvE Rogue races.
Undead: Will of the Forsaken removes fear, sleep, and charm affects making this a good PvP choice. The other bonuses are “meh”.
Troll: Beserking is really good. Throwing Weapon Specialization is funny, but useless.
Blood Elf: You get a 15 energy heal and silence, but that’s just bleh.
Professions are a tough one, but we’ll try to go through them. The net attack power gain is standardized at about 64 (except Enchanting which gives 80).

Inscription: You gain the best shoulder enchant, but Rogues have a very complicated geming/enchanting scheme. Inscription doesn’t give you a lot of flexibility.
Jewelcrafting: This is a really good choice because you can gem for hit, if you’re desperate for it, gem for armor pen, gem for agility, or make a ton of other awesome BoP gems that only you can equip. Think 42 extra agility which gives you attack power and crit, instead of just raw attack power. You can only use a limited number of JC BoP gems.
Alchemy: It’s good during low end raiding and for money making. You get the standard attack power boost when you’re flasked, a reusable flask/healing potion, and more. Mixology is awesome for saving money when a flask lasts 2 hours and you can make it yourself.
Enchanting: 80 attack power. It’s alright.
Leatherworking: Bracer enchant for about 64 attack power gain. So/so. You can make your own leveling gear though.
Blacksmithing: You gain two additional gem slots, which is a big boost when combined with Jewelcrafting.
Engineering: It’s a “meh” profession that’s good for neat trinkets and items, but you’re not going to find any amazing benefits here. Some Engineering only enchants give you like super speed and do apply stats, so it might be good for the fun of it.
Gathering Professions: As always, they’re good for the money.

Hit Rating

The following assumes you’re dual wielding and are level 80. Hit rating isn’t important past being hit capped for special attacks (which you will WANT to do for raiding), but still remains a concern since white damage missing all the time can be annoying. Yellow damage is abilities, white damage is your auto attack, and poisons are your spell hit.

Yellow Damage: 262 (8%)
White Damage: 885 (27%)
Poison Damage: 445 (18%)

With the talent Precision this becomes:

Yellow Damage: 98 (3%)
White Damage: 721 (22%)
Poison Damage: 314 (12%)