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Priest Equipment Guide

Disc and Holy Priests can use the easy method of eliminating some gear choices by simply checking if it has +hit on it. If it does, it’s clearly not a piece of gear that is meant for a healing class, it’s not like heals can miss or anything. Even Shadow Priests can let some gear with hit on it pass to the Warlocks and Mages. thanks to the overabundance of hit on T9 and above gear.

While leveling up choose a spec and stick with it. Pick up gear relative to that spec, most of which will come from quests and drops from mobs from levels 1-60. Running instances at these levels is usually pretty difficult to do, and probably not worth your time. You can make it to 60 with quest rewards/random drops just fine.

Once you hit 60 you will (like all other classes) gain a ton of rather nice green gear that will tide you over for awhile. Doing instances from 60-70 is much easier, and if you can get a competent group run as many as you can. Be sure to check around the towns in the instances for any quests that may give blue items that are upgrades for your class/spec before doing the instance. If you are not able to run any instances, quest reward greens and random drops from mobs will work just as well to get you to level 70.

Once you hit level 70 you will once again receive a pretty much completely new set of green gear just by doing the first quests in the zone you start at. Getting instance runs here should be even easier than before. Once again be sure to check out the quests available for quests relating to the instance you are doing. There are some excellent blue quest items out there. Don’t miss out on them. Even if you do no instances from level 70-80 you should still have enough gear to start your heroic career when you reach 80.

Once you hit 80 it becomes a simple process to gear up. Heroics, heroics, heroics, and when you are sick of heroics do some more. While doing Heroics you will receive Emblems. These Emblems can be traded in for very high quality epic gear. Also try to do the Heroic Daily every single day if possible. This daily will give you Emblems of Triumph, giving you access to even better gear and putting you in a better position for end game raiding. With the full set of gear available to you through Emblems you will easily be able to hold your own in any non-heroic raid. Good Luck!

Equipment Stats

While you are leveling or running end game instances, which stats are important for your chosen spec is one of the biggest things you need to know. While all specs of Priest value several stats, the importance of these stats varies from spec to spec. Knowing your spec and what stats are good for that spec can’t be stressed enough. For example a Shadow Priest taking gear with tons of Intellect and Spirit. will not only be hurting themselves, they will probably be taking gear from another class/spec that can use it much more effectively.

Now a quick look at what stats are best for each spec (most important will be listed first and so on):

Shadow - Spellpower, +Hit , Haste, Crit

Discipline - Crit, Spellpower, Haste, Intellect, Spirit, MP5

Holy - Spirit, Spellpower, Intellect, Haste, Crit, MP5

Keep in mind that some of these stats drop off the list once a certain percentage is reached. Hit (11%) for Shadow Priests, and Haste for Holy (12-14%) and Disc (11%) and Shadow (10-11%) Priests. However, until these caps are reached this stats ais very, very important. For this reason be sure when getting new gear that you stick close to cap on all of these stats.


As you pick up more and more gear you will find some of the pieces will have gem slots in them. Gemming correctly will help improve your performance. You will find there are plenty of gems to suit your needs of almost every color. Below is a list of gems commonly used by Priests:

Rare Quality Gems

[Runed Scarlet Ruby]

[Sparkling Sky Sapphire]

[Brilliant Autumn’s Glow]
[Quick Autumn’s Glow]
[Purified Twilight Opal]

[Royal Twilight Opal]
[Misty Forest Emerald]

[Seer’s Forest Emerald]
[Intricate Forest Emerald]

[Reckless Monarch Topaz]
[Luminous Monarch Topaz]
[Potent Monarch Topaz]

Epic Quality Gems

[Runed Cardinal Ruby]

[Brillant King’s Amber]
[Quick King’s Amber]
[Rigid King’s Amber]
[Smooth King’s Amber]

[Sparkling Majestic Zircon]

[Luminous Ametrine]
[Potent Ametrine]
[Reckless Ametrine]
[Veiled Ametrine]

[Dazzling Eye of Zul]
[Forceful Eye of Zul
[Intricate Eye of Zul]
[Jagged Eye of Zul}
{Lambent Eye of Zul]
[Misty Eye of Zul]
[Radiant Eye of Zul]
[Seer’s Eye of Zul]
[Shattered Eye of Zul]
[Shining Eye of Zul]
[Tense Eye of Zul]
[Timeless Eye of Zul]

[Glowing Dreadstone]
[Mysterious Dreadstone]
[Purified Dreadstone]
[Royal Dreadstone]


[Insightful Earthsiege Diamond]
[Bracing Earthsiege Diamond]
[Chaotic Skyfire Diamond] - (Shadow Priests only)
[Ember Skyflare Diamond]
[Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond]

Keep in mind while gemming your gear the stats that are important to your spec (listed above), gem for these stats, and avoid the stats that you know are useless for you (such as MP5) unless attempting to meet a socket bonus. Epic quality gems should be used whenever possible, however Rare quality will suffice for gear that will be replaced quickly, or for those who really cannot afford Epic quality. Never ever use Green quality gems.



Head - Arcanum of Burning Mysteries
Shoulder - Greater Inscription of the Storm/Master’s Insciption of the Storm
Back - Greater Speed/Springy Arachnoweave/Lightweave Embrodery
Chest - Powerful Stats
Wrist - Superior Spellpower/Fur Lining - Spell Power
Hands - Exceptional Spellpower/Hyperspeed Accelerators
Waist - Eternal Belt Buckle
Legs - Brilliant Spellthread
Feet - Icewalker/Nitro Boots
Weapon - Greater Spell Power/Mighty Spell Power

Disc/ Holy

Head: - Arcanum of Burning Mysteries
Shoulders - Greater Inscription of the Crag/Greater Inscription of the Storm
Cloak - Wisdom/Haste
Chest - Powerful Stats
Bracers - Superior Spellpower
Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower
Legs - Brilliant Spellthread/Sapphire Spellthread
Boots - Tuskarr’s Vitality/Greater Spirit
Weapon - Mighty Spellpower/Exceptional Intellect/Exceptional Spirit

Glyph Suggestions

A list of Glyph suggestions is listed below. Use the Glyphs that you feel best suit your style of play!


[Glyph of Shadow]
[Glyph of Mind Flay]
[Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain]
[Glyph of Shadow Word: Death]


[Glyph of Circle of Healing]
[Glyph of Guardian Spirit]
[Glyph of Flash Heal]
[Glyph of Prayer of Healing]


[Glyph of Penance]
[Glyph of Power Word: Shield]
[Glyph of Flash Heal]
[Glyph of Prayer of Healing]