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Magisters' Terrace Instance Guide


The following are the “trash mobs” inside of the Magister’s Terrace and how to effectively deal with them as you make your way through the instance.

Special note: Most enemies can be feared but caution must be used not to pull other trash packs.

Brightscale Wrym: Stack and AoE these. When they die they provide a 1% damage buff to the entire party.

Coilskar Witch: A naga that uses a ranged attack and Forked Lightning. Can be CC’d with Mind Control, Sap, and Seduce.

Ethereum Smuggler: A dangerous mob that can teleport to random party members and cast Arcane Explosion over and over. CC’able with Polymorph, Traps, and Mind Control.

Sister of Torment: Has one ability, Deadly Embrace, which will seduce a target. CC’able with Enslave, Banish, or Turn Evil.

Sunblade Blood Knight: Can cast heal and casts a seal that can be debuffed or stolen that adds a great deal of holy damage. CC’able with polymorph, sheep, seduction, or with traps.

Sunblade Keeper: Can sometimes be found with a group of Wryms. Will detonate a mana cell which will cause the Wryms to act as a single group (all attacking the same target). Can cast Banish on the player with the highest threat, so watch out for any of these patrolling.

Sunblade Mage Guard: Has an AoE stun, can throw glaives which can hit other members of the party, and will drop a magic dampening field that will reduce spell damage and healing. CC’able with polymorph, sheep, seduction, or with traps.

Sunblade Magister: Has two spells, Arcane Explosion and Frostbolt. Every time a Sunblade Magister casts a spell they will gain a 10% spell haste buff that stacks. This buff is stealable and dispellable. CC’able with polymorph.

Sunblade Physican: Casts Prayer of Mending and has the ability to enchant its weapon with “Inject Poison” which deals about 1,300 damage per tick every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. CC’able with polymorph, sheep, and seduction. In Heroic Mode the Sunblade Physican will do about 3k damage per tick with their DoT.

Sunblade Sentinel: Can cast Fel Lightening which is like Chain Lightning but does fire damage.

Sunblade Warlock: Has two spells, Incinerate which it prefers and Immolate. Has a fel armor buff granting it 250 spell damage. CC’able with polymorph, sheep, seduction, or with traps.

Wretched Bruiser: Has two abilities, Fel Infusion which will increase damage and speed for 10 seconds along with Wretched Strike which emulates Mortal Strike. In normal mode they have low damage while in heroic mode they can hit cloth players for upwards to 3,000 damage.

Wretched Husk: Has two spells, Wretched Frostbolt and Wretched Fireball. Has one ability, Fel Infusion.

Wretched Skulker: Simple melee mob that acts like a Bruiser but doesn’t have Wretched Strike.

Handling Most Trash Pulls

It’s paramount in this fight to use crowd control. Most every humanoid can be polymorphed, trapped, seduced, or mind controlled. You’ve got to keep the number of active enemies in each trash pack as few as possible so that you can keep the damage manageable. Outside of that, most pulls work just

Trash Pulls of Note

The last trash pull right before Kael’thas includes 6 enemies and a minion. What makes this pull so difficult is that if you wipe during it the entire pack will reset. It contains 3 Sunblade warriors (Warlock, Magister, and Blood Knight seems to be most common), Ethereum Smuggler, Coilskar Witch, and a Sister of Torment.