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Healers's Instances and Raiding Guide

Section I: Who Am I Healing Again?

This may seem like silly and unneeded advice, but this basic rule is often ignored or forgotten. In a 5 man party you are obviously expected to heal everyone including yourself, however once you enter a 10 or 25 man raiding situation things become slightly more complicated. Not knowing who you are healing in these larger raid situations can lead to many preventable deaths and/or your entire raid wiping.

For example if you are assigned to heal the main tank and you choose to ignore, or miss your assignment and decide to take it upon yourself to heal the raid instead, there is a very good chance that the tank you were supposed to be healing is going to die. The mob the tank was tanking will go on a rampage and own the faces of at least a few raid members before another tank can pick it up, or if it does not get picked up it will, in the end, wipe your entire raid. Even if the tank manages to stay alive, you are putting extra strain on your other healers who are taking time out of doing their jobs to do yours, which can also lead to deaths amongst the raid.

Section II: Trust Your Fellow Healers

This section goes hand in hand with Section I as it relates to sticking to your healing assignment. While once again not an issue while running a 5 man instance where you will be the sole healer, this is nevertheless an important rule to remember. Trusting your other healers, even if you have never healed with them before will ensure that you are not stretching yourself too thin, and will also allow any weak links to be weeded out.

This is a difficult concept for some, as they have a hard time relinquishing control and allowing other healers to do their job. It’s also difficult to stick solely to your job when you can obviously see another healer struggling or simply not doing their job. While it is tempting to throw out those extra heals to pad the healing meters, or “save” the raid it is really helping no one in the long run.

Section III: Don’t Die

Don’t die. A dead healer is a healer who is doing absolutely no healing and as such is basically just an empty raid spot. You might be able to snag a battle rez, or maybe a nice Warlock gave you a Soul Stone, but your goal should be not to die in the first place. This leads us to the “don’t suck” part of the equation.

This means being constantly aware of your surroundings (or in the words of Mad Eye Moody “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!”). This simply means being aware of where the boss is located, where your healing target(s) are located, and also paying attention to any other environmental effects that may be thrown your way such as void zones, fires, cleaves, or even falling rocks.

This can be extra difficult for a healer. It’s easy to forget to look up from the health bars on your screen, and the impulse to cast that one last heal before moving is tough to ignore. But it is something that must be done, because a dead healer is helping no one.

To make it easier to watch the health bars and move at the same time, be sure your screen is clear of clutter, and also move your party or raid frames someplace where you can also take note of any hazards that may befall you.

Section IV: Preemptive Healing

Preemptive healing, or healing in accordance with anticipated damage is something that all healers should strive to do in every party and raid when possible. This way your cast is winding up and finishes as the damage lands on your heal target, or shortly after, greatly reducing the chances of death.

For example Hodir (a boss located in Ulduar) will cast Frozen Blows throughout the fight. Frozen Blows increases his Physical damage making the tank take extra damage, and at the same time does massive raid damage. This damage can easily be mitigated and deaths can be avoided by some preemptive healing. Those healing the tank can wind up some larger heals to take care of the large damage he/she is about to take, while raid healers can cast HoTs or have instant heals ready to be cast when the damage hits.

Healers with heal over time spells of course have an advantage here, but those who do not can still manage this by timing their cast time in accordance with the upcoming damage. Boss mods and a general knowledge of the boss fights you are facing will greatly improve your effectiveness at preemptive healing.

Healers with heal over time spells can also precast their HoTs on the tank, or raid members before a pull. The HoTs will then tick, taking care of any initial damage and will not give any threat to the healer. This will give the tank time to gain aggro before any other healers have to begin casting.

Section IV: Mana Management

Mana is the thing that makes a healer’s world go around. Without mana a healer cannot cast their life saving heals, and as such are rendered fairly useless, unless of course they dash about bandaging their party members. As such managing your mana should be one of your main focuses while healing.

Section VI: Ignore the Healing Meters

While I do encourage some healthy competition between healers, if taken too far it can really hinder rather than help the raid. In general ignore the healing meters, while they may be a useful tool to check when something is obviously wrong in the healing department, they really should be the furthest thing from your mind while healing in a raid or party.

Section VII: Understand Your Class

Understanding the class you are playing is very important. Each class has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and also offers up different healing styles. Becoming intimate with your class, knowing which spec is best, what enhancements to put on your gear, what spells are available to you, and even spell rotation is a major factor in how well you will do playing that class.