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Hallow's End Guide



Southshore Events
There are two quests each for the Alliance and Horde. They grant 250 reputation with each of your side's faction (500 all together for both) and are well worth doing. You’ll get some pumpkin treats too.


Sergeant Hartman gives you two quests. One of them involves going to the wickerman next to the Undercity (it’s on the road) and coming back ("Crashing the Wickerman Festival"). The other involves using a stink bomb cleaner on one of the Horde’s “Forsaken Stink Bombs” ("The Power of Pine").


Darkcaller Yanka is west of the Undercity and has a quest for you to go to the kegs in Southshore and plant some rotten eggs. When you complete that quest you’ll get one to return back to her. You can also get the quest "Stinking Up Southshore" which involves throwing 3 stinkbombs in the middle of Southshore. Easy enough. Do that while you do the "Rotten Eggs" quest.

Headless Horseman Attacks
Go to Kharanos, Goldshire, Azure Watch, Razor Hill, Brill, and Falconwing Square where there will be a Masked/Costumed Orphan Matron. She’ll give you a quest to practice firefighting. You’ll find some burning practice targets near each of these cities. Use the bucket of water and douse them with water to put them out. Do it five times and the quest is done. You can return back to the matron.

When that’s done, you’ll be able to accept a quest (“Let the Fires Come”) to start the event unless the event is already started (then it’s “Stop the Fires!”). You’ll need to grab buckets of water and put out the fire on nearby buildings. This is very hard to do solo because you have a time limit to do it in, so try to do it with a friend. Once the fires are out a Shade of the Horseman will spawn. Defeating him (a few hits from an 80 do it) and he’ll spawn a pumpkin on the ground.

The pumpkin will give you a daily quest to turn in where you’ll receive a “Crudely Wrapped Gift” that will have a random treat in it (including Weighted Jack-o'-Lanterns and Rickety Magic Brooms). The pumpkin will give you the quest to go to the Scarlet Monastery and defeat the Headless Horseman as well.

The “Let the Fires Come!” quest is a daily quest and awards a “Weighted Jack-o’-Lantern” and 3 Pumpkin Treats.

Headless Horseman Boss
Unlike in the days of old, you can only do this with five people in the instance. Your goal is the Scarlet Monastery’s Graveyard wing. You won’t need a key to enter it, so don’t worry about that. You’ll need a group with a healer and a tank and any DPS you can get. He’s not very difficult, so you don’t need any super gear checks or anything silly like that.

To summon him you have to do the firefighting quests above and get the quest to discover his shrine. His shrine is inside of the Forlorn Cloister in the SM Graveyard. Just turn in that quest and get the quest at the shrine. Click the "Loosely Turned Soil" behind the shrine to summon him. He’ll show up and target the summoner so have a tank ready to taunt. A group of five people can summon him five times. He is currently a level 80 elite boss, so be ready for a regular level 80 instance boss encounter.

You can make a macro for "/target head of" to make it easier to target the head.

Phase One

He does nothing special at all in this phase outside of cleaving. When you kill him in this phase he’ll throw his head down and start healing. Get his head to 66% to start the next phase. If you don’t, he’ll start phase one again. He’ll go around whirlwinding while his head is off.

Phase Two

Same as phase one, except this time he’ll use Conflagration. It’ll confuse you for 5 seconds and do 10% of your health every second for five seconds. You can trinket out of it. DPS him down to 1% and he’ll lose his head again. His head will pop off, again, and you’ll need to DPS it down to 33% while he’s healing. Phase three starts when his head is either at 33%. If he heals to full he'll start phase two again.

Phase Three

Same as phase two, except this time he’ll throw four pumpkin adds (Pumpkin Fiends) on the ground. They’re pretty lame and you can AoE them down or a Paladin tank can consecrate. At 1% he’ll lose his head and you need to destroy it this time or else phase three starts again.