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Gundrak Achievement Guide



Heroic: Drak’Tharon Keep

Trollgore – This is the first boss in the instance and is almost a pure tank and spank. The only complications are his consume ability and the additional trolls that come down the stairs throughout the fight. Consume is a stacking 5% damage boost that he gains for each player that his Consume ability hits. It hits anyone in LOS of Trollgore every time it is cast, which is roughly every 15 seconds. Also, if any of the trolls reach Trollgore he will turn to them and hit and kill them. Then later on he can cast Corpse Explosion and cause significant AOE damage to anyone nearby.

Consumption Junction Achievement

To get this achievement you have two options. You can play it safe and use LOS to avoid letting Trollgore stack Consumption, or you can use big DPS to just burn him down before he gets 10 stacks. With most groups at this stage in the game, just DPS him full out and you should be able to earn the achievement. To do this you need to burn him down within 30 seconds or he will reach 10 stacks. Since he does not do much damage initially, many groups have the healer DPS to start with to help out.

Novos the Summoner – This fight is made up of two phases. The first phase has additional creatures being summoned from the top of the stairs and running down into the room to help in the fight. Periodically crystal handlers will spawn in the two halls leading into the room and enter the fight. While this is happening Novos is protected by a force field that prevents all damage, until four crystal handlers are defeated. Once four have been defeated his shield will disappear, the adds stop spawning, and phase one ends.

Oh Novos! Achievement

King Dread – This big dinosaur gives some groups issues, however he really is a big pussy cat. The two main abilities to watch for are Grievous Bite and Bellowing Road, other than that he is a tank and spank. Grievous Bite is an attack done to the tank that causes a large amount of bleed damage per second until fully healed. Bellowing Roar is an AOE fear that sends everyone running. Also throughout the fight he will summon raptors to assist him, if you have not cleared out all of the closest ones.

Better off Dred Achievement

To accomplish this achievement you basically ignore the normal logic of the fight, minimizing adds, and instead pull as many as you can handle each time he finishes a fear. The best way to do this is have the tank pull him into his pen and immediately get the 2-3 raptors nearby. Have DPS drop them as quickly as possible and then grab additional raptors one at a time. If you have a Hunter or Rogue that can misdirect to the tank even better, but any ranged DPS can pull the next raptor and then run past the tank and let them taunt it off of you. Kill six raptors before you finish off King Dred and you will have this achievement.

Heroic: Gundrak Achievement

As with the Drak’Theron Keep achievement this is the standard achievement for defeating each instance on heroic mode. Simply make your way through the instance (while on heroic mode) and kill all of the bosses. Keep in mind that on Heroic Mode Gundrak has an extra boss that is not available on normal mode. Along the way look at the individual boss achievements as well. Done correctly you can finish the instance with five achievements completed.

Slad’ran – This serpent based boss is a complicated fight that hampers many groups progress through the instance. The Tank must hold aggro on the boss while DPS runs in and out of range of the poison nova that he casts. While attempting to avoid the poison players also need to deal with the many serpents that get summoned in to help Slad’ran throughout the fight.

Taken straight out of one of my favourite movies, this is a personal achievement, not a group achievement. While in this fight I can almost picture Dr. Jones saying the line. If you do not get snake wrapped during the fight you will earn the achievement, regardless of the rest of the group. This achievement is easy if you have solid AOE DPS in the group. It can be made even easier with an AOE tank to attempt to hold all the constrictors as they are killed, however with a solid AOE DPS or two the snakes will die before they need to be tanked.

Moorabi – Moorabi is a very simple fight since he just needs to be tanked and DPS’ed down. While he does have a stun and can transform into a mammoth he really shouldn’t present any issues to players.

Less-Rabi Achivement

Gal’darah – This is the final boss of the instance and is a troll that can turn into a rhino. The fight is relatively simple with the tank holding aggro while Gal’darah is in human form, while DPS watches and clears out from whirlwinds. When Gal’darah changes into a rhino the situation reverses and everyone should get close so that they do not get charged and knocked back. Also while in rhino form he will impale someone on his horn at random. While this occurs that player will be out of the fight for roughly 8 seconds and taking damage. Work through the two phases as he switches back and forth and you will have cleared the instance.

Share the Love Achivement

This achievement requires that every single party member gets impaled. This is a little tricky since Gal’darah will not impale the person on the top of their aggro list. This means that the main tank will never get impaled normally. So to do this achievement you need to have a party member that is capable of off-tanking for enough time that the main tank gets impaled. The best group to do this with is a healer, tank, DPS, and two that can off heal and off tank. Start off with the off-tank tanking and everyone DPSing very lightly until the tank and any number of other players gets impaled. Once the main tank gets impaled they should pull aggro and let the off-tank get impaled. Once everyone has been impaled, kill Gal’darah as normal.