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Guide to Stratholme



As of Patch 1.10, the Scholomance, Stratholme and Blackrock Depths instances have been dropped to normal 5 man instances. It is no longer possible to raid the instances with 10 men. The guide has been updated to reflect these changes.


Stratholme is located along the northern edge of the eastern plague lands. The nearest flight point for both factions is Light's Hope Chapel. Stratholme itself is usually referred to by the two possible entrances that you can take to it. They are the scarlet and undead sides. While both are connected inside the instance, players generally do one "side" or the other, not both. To enter the Scarlet side you just follow the path and road signs to Stratholme and enter though the main gates. To enter the undead side you follow the road to just before entering the plague woods and turn north, there is a gate entrance along the mountains. The gate is locked however unless you have the key to the city.

To get the key to the city you must enter the Scarlet side of the instance and go right once you enter the instance. If you follow the roads right you will come to the other entrance and the Magistrate will be by the chapel. You can kill him to get a key to the city.


The time to complete Stratholme really depends on several things. The first factor is which side you are trying to complete, the second how well the group works together and it's composition. The last facto is if you are trying to speed raid the Undead side for the Tier 0.5 item quest, in which case you need to complete it in 45 minutes.. A 5 man group should be able to complete the undead side in roughly 2 hours, and a bit longer (2-3 hours) to complete the Scarlet side. It is perfectly possible to complete the undead side in under an hour (my personal record is 42 minutes), and the Scarlet side can be completed in just over an hour.


Stratholme is a high level instance and is meant for levels 55-60. This can be a little misleading as level 55's really have no place in a 5 man attempt. Running either side of Stratholme in a 5 man group is a challenge even with all level 60 group members. While it may be possible to take one or two low level party members through to the end, it will be VERY difficult. Unless they are very skilled at their class or an experienced healer you should really be level 60.

The MOBs in Stratholme range from normal MOBs level 50-60 to Elite MOBs level 52-60. The named, mini-boss and boss MOBs range from 57 to 62 elite.


We have put together a map that shows the layout of Stratholme and marks the location of all the key named MOBs and the key locations.

Party Composition

As this is a high level (or end game) instance, party composition plays a huge part in your success or failure in the instance.