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Gruul's Lair Guide

Trash MOBs

Gronn-Priest - As the name implies these MOBs are healers. They have several abilities and an immunity to Silence.

Heal - A huge heal that can restore up to 50% of their health. This heal can and must be interrupted. If you let the priest continually get this heal cast, you will wipe due to lack of mana on your healers and casters.

Psychic Scream - This is the same as a normal priests spell of the same name, it sends everyone running.

Renew - A powerful heal over time ability that heals them for up to 10,000 health per second. It can be spell stolen by a mage, and can be dispelled.

Lair Brute - As the name implies these MOBs are melee warriors.

Charge - He targets and charges a random character outside of 10 yards. While he does this he also clears his aggro table. If you have everyone within the 10 yards then he will not use this ability.

Cleave - Similar to the warrior ability, hits everyone in the front 180 degrees. Can hit for 4500 - 7000 damage. Everyone should remain behind them so they are not hit.

Mortal Strike - A powerful melee strike that hits for up to 7000 on a well equipped tank.

Call For Help - When he is near death he can call for assistance from nearby MOBs. It has a huge radius so they must be pulled far from other groups.

Suggested Group

The Gruul encounter heavily favors ranged DPS, and the High King fight does to a degree as well. Therefore a raid group a little range heavy is best.

Start with the following ideal and adjust as needed:

Main Tank
2x Off Tanks
7x Healers
2x Warlocks
2x Mages
4x Hunters (for misdirects)
2x Utility Classes (Paladin, Shaman, Druid)
7x DPS classes