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WOW GOLD MVP - WoW Instance Guides - General Vezax

General Vezax



The fight is an interesting and challenging one, especially to casters. This is one of the fights that requires extreme concentration and attention by everyone in the fight.


10 Person Raid: Body – 8,300,000 health

25 Person Raid: Body – 30,800,000 heath


Aura of Despair – This ability prevents almost all mana regeneration from regular sources and slows melee attack speed by 20%. Several abilities still provide at least a little mana, such as Aspect of the Viper, Judgements of the Wise, and Spiritual Attunement.

Mark of the Faceless – This is a debuff that the General will place on a random target that is at least 15 yards away from him. Once the debuff is on a player, it does 5,000 damage per second for 10 seconds to everyone within 10 yards. Any time it does damage to a player it heals the General 100,000 health. In addition, if there are not enough players at least 15 yards away from General Vezax, then he can target players near him, including the tank. In 25 player raids at least 9 players have to be further than 15 yards away to prevent this, in 10 player raids at least 4 have to be away from the General.

Searing Flames – This is a fire based spell that is cast by the General that deals a large amount of fire damage to everyone in the room. It deals roughly 15,000 fire damage (12,000 in 10 player raids) to all players as well as reducing their armor by 75% for 10 seconds. It takes General Vezax 2 seconds to cast this spell and it is interruptible.

Shadow Crash – General Vezax periodically fires a shadow missile at a random target at least 15 yards away from him. When it impacts, it does roughly 12,000 shadow damage (6,000 in 10 player raids) to anyone within 10 yards of the impact point and knocking them back. One the shadow missile explodes, it will leave a residue that remains on the ground for 20 seconds. Anyone in this area will gain a number of buffs to their magic ability but lose significant healing ability. Players gain 100% magic damage, 100% casting speed, and mana cost of all abilities is reduced by 75%. However, any healing done is reduced by 75%.

Surge of Darkness – This is a self buff that General Vezax casts that increases his damage by 100% but slows him by 50% for 10 seconds.

Saronite Animus – If you choose to fight General Vezax in hard mode, the eight untouched Saronite Vapors with join into a single Saronite Animus with 12,400,000 health (2,000,000 in 10 player raids). While active the Animus emits the ability Profound Darkness. This ability causes 750 shadow damage and applies a stacking shadow damage debuff that increases all shadow damage taken by 10% per stack every two seconds until destroyed. In addition, the Saronite Animus will melee the player with highest threat and hits fairly hard.


Once the room is cleared of all the extra creatures and you are ready to fight the general, players need to form up and get ready for the fight. Due to his various abilities, players do not want to be clustered at any point in the fight, so it is easier to start spread out around him. Once everyone is ready, the tank runs in and engages him, while ranged players move up to roughly 25 yards from him in a semi-circle covering as much space as required.