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Auchenai Crypts Guide

After completing the Mana Tombs and adventuring a bit more in Terokkar Forest and Nagrand, you will be ready for the next instance in Auchindoun, The Auchenai Crypts.

The Auchenai Crypts are a wing of the the Auchindoun instance that is meant for players level 65-67. Many of the quests are available right outside the instance, however you must do a quest chain that will allow you to see the ghosts that are walking the area before gaining access to some of them. Even if you have not done the preliminary quest the instance is still worth doing for all of the loot from the bosses. The instance is full of Draenei, humanoids and undead Draenei.


Everything will be Alright - Greatfather Aldrimus standing outside the Auchenai Crypts of Auchindoun has asked that you enter the Auchenai Crypts and destroy Exarch Maladaar.

Fight through the instance and destroy Exarch Maladaar who is the last boss in the instance.

Auchindoun... - Travel to the Auchenai Crypts in the Bone Wastes of Terokkar Forest and slay Exarch Maladaar to free the spirit of D'ore.

Trash MOBs

Draenei Monks – These Draenei are immune to polymorph and sapping.

Draenei Possessors - These casters can mind control one of the group members. The mind control will not end when the possessor dies however, you must drop the player to 50% health to remove the mind control, at that time they will be healed to full heath and returned to the players control.

Raging Souls – These spirit creatures appear around you and live for about 5 seconds, after which they throw everyone away from them in an explosion. They normally appear on the bridge to the first boss and can throw you off if you are not careful.

Shirrak the Dead Watcher

Carnivorous Bite - This is a bleed attack that hits everyone in melee range.

Focused Attack - Everyone once in a while (roughly 15 - 20 seconds) Shirrak will call out "Shirrak the Dead Watcher focuses his energy" and a marker will appear near a player. A few seconds after he will attack that spot with 3 AoE blasts that his for roughly 2000 damage per blast! Its range is roughly 15 yards.

Magic Debuff - Shirrak places this debuff on all players and it increases casting times by 50% per effect. It will stack up to 4 times for a maximum +200% to casting times. The range is something over 40 yards (seems like 45 - 50) and it is very hard to avoid having it.

Exarch Maladaar

Shadow Bolt - He has a shadow based magic attack that hits a random group member for roughly 1200 shadow damage.

AoE fear - He can fear everyone that is near him (5-10 years) and cause them to flee. It has a short acting time though, just 2 or 3 seconds

Summon Avatar - At roughly 15% health remaining, Maladaar will summon an Avatar of the Martyred that is essentially a copy of himself. The Avatar has a similar amount of health and base attacks for over 1500 per hit, he does not however have any of Maladaar's special abilities.