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Achieving Everything Loremaster Guide

Loremaster, is a meta-achievement that requires the player to complete a large amount of quests in every continent in the game. This achievement is probably one of, if not the most challenging achievements in the World of Warcraft. Those who attempt this achievement will find varying degrees of difficulty from player to player and will more likely than not want to quit due to frustration from time to time.

Tips and Tricks

Make a plan. Know which continent you wish to start with first and stick with it till completion.
While doing Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms, pick a starting zone to begin from such as Tirisfal Glades and go to the starting area (e.g. Deathknell) and start doing quests. Finish all quests in the area before moving on.
Finish long running quest chains to completion. Don’t stop in the middle even if you are tempted to do quests along the way. Complete the chain and the return to the area you are currently questing in.
Keep your “Track Low Level Quests” on at all times. Check to be sure it’s still on after changing forms, logging off, or zoning. Allowing this to turn off will ensure you miss quests causing unneeded frustration. This option can be selected with the tracking button on your mini map.
Before venturing into a dungeon try to find all the quests for that particular dungeon if you can. Never do a dungeon twice if you don’t have to.
Don’t be afraid to group with low level players in your zone of choice. They can share quests with you that you may have overlooked.
Daily/Repeatable quests do not appear to count unless they have a differently named prequest that unlocks the repeatable version. So do them the first time and then move on.
Seasonal and PvP quests do not count towards your total.
Do not automatically dismiss faction-only locations. You may find quests for your faction here even if it is unlikely. Do not let your past knowledge of an area narrow your view.
If you have previously wrecked your goblin reputation without finishing all the quests, fix it! You will not be able to reasonably finish this achievement without the quests the goblins offer you. If your goblin reputation is still in good standing, be sure to finish Loremaster before attempting to gain pirate reputation.
Research, research, research. is an excellent source of information. Learn to use the filters to suit your needs, such as finding those pesky item drops that start quests.
Be prepared to bust your butt, bang your head against your desk and retrace your steps if needed. This is not meant to be an easy achievement, be ready to work for it.

Easy to Miss Quests
While most quests are easily obtained there are several that seem to consistently escape the notice of most World of Warcraft players. Listed below are some of those hard to find, easily missed quests and quest hubs. So if you find yourself stuck and ready to pull your hair out try some of these:


Beached Sea Creatures (Alliance Only) - These poor creatures can be found along the north and south sides of Auberdine along the beach. These were easily missed in the old days before they had the handy exclamation point above them. Search these out and if you have not done them you will knock nine quests off your total.

Switching from one centaur faction to the other in Desolace will open up 4/5 more quests for you to complete. Painful, but worth it.

Reznak in Durotar will provide two easy to complete quests to Alliance players, don’t miss them! He is located just south of Orgrimmar on the right hand side of the road.

Blade’s Edge Mountains
Ogri’la - An easy to miss area located in western Blade’s Edge Mountains. To open this quest line you must first complete “Speak with the Ogre” which can be picked up from V’eru in Shattrath City. Once you turn in this quest you will be sent on several group quests that can easily be soloed at level 80. Completing these quests will open up the Ogri’la quest chain.

A Meeting Note can be dropped off of Wyrmcult Hewers and Wyrmcult Poachers in Blade’s Edge Mountains. These mobs can be found north of the Circle of Blood. If you happen to be missing one quest this may be the culprit.

The Orb of Grishna can also be found on mobs in Blade’s Edge Mountains. The Orb drops from Grishna, Falconwings, Scorncrows, Harbingers, or Matriarchs which can be found north of Raven’s Wood.

They Stole ME Hookah and Me Brews! (Horde Only) - This quest comes from a dead troll (T’chali the Witch Doctor). Only his head is visible so this quest can easily be overlooked. T’chali can be found near Bloodmaul Post in Blade’s Edge Mountains.