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Gold Making And Leveling

There is a item called "Blood Elf Bandit mask," and consequently it is dropped bythe Blood Elf bandit. He spawns on the island where Dranei start - Azymist Isle(can't remember how to spell it). He spawns next to the road in 10 places behindsigns or barriers. You just follow the road in a big circle around the isle. Theonly trick is he is invisible so you have to listen for the sound invisible thingsmake when they appear or you can just go look. He is only a level 5 so chances of aggro-ing it is slim if you're a high level. It's about a 25% drop rate.

After that just go to the A/H and list it for about 6-8 gold. This was done on the Rexxar server, just simply because thats the only place in the game it spawns soit's rare and people usually dont know about it. Also just kind of pointing out the obvious you can farm the crap out of these things so you gain losts of gold. You can also sell these masks by just putting it on and walking through a main city. Trust me peoplewill offer you at least 3-4 gold just you walking around.

AQ40 obsidian chunk:

Right inside AQ40 are 4 giant mobs. If you kill one of them you will be able to mine a large obsidan chunk right outside the of the instance. Kill three of the four mobs and run out of the instance and there will be 3 mines that will appear. Just be sure that you don't kill all 4 mobs and you will be able to repeat this as many times as you want. The large obsidan chunks sell for 100 to 300 gold on the auction house. So you can make 600 to 1200 gold an hour doing this.

One Day Grind

Horde Grinding Spots:
0-15 - Questing fastest possible exp.
15-20 - The Barrens - Harpies *
15-20 - The Barrens - Bristleback(s) *
20-25 - The Barrens - Bael Dun Exavs *
20-25 - Hillsbrad - Hillsbrad Farmers (etc)
22-26 - Thousand Needles - Galak Scouts (etc) *
26-30 - Hillsbrad - Mud Gnolls *
25-30 - Thousand Needles - Grimtotems
30-38 - Shimmering Flats - All monsters. *
38-40 - Dustwallow Swamp - Very North East Islands, Murlock Warriors/Oracles.

Horde And Alliance Grinding Spots:
40-46 - Feralas - Woodpaws (stay away from the ones that disease for
slow casting speeds) **
46-48 - Feralas - Frayfeather Skystormers *
48-50 - Feralas - Harpies
48-51 - Southwest of Gadgetzan - Thistleshrubs *
50-54 - Western Plaguelands - First 'field' to the left, assorted monsters.
54-60 - Western Plaguelands - Scarlet Lumberjacks
52-60 - Eastern Dire Maul - Lashers ****

* = Recommended

EXP Rates:
Levels 30-40 = 18-20k exp/hour
Levels 40-51 = 20-25k exp/hour