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Gold Farming in WLK

Gold itself comes from non-playable characters. Every PC in WoW is a sort of for-hire hero vigilante with a fistful of letters of marque that allow them to slay every evil-doer out there. These NPCs contain copper, silver, gold, and/or items that can traded to vendors which stack up gold. Quests (repeatable or not) also offer a secondary method for gold to enter the system. This gold is then moved either back into the game into meatsinks (such as mounts, reagents, vanity items, repairs, etc.) or moved through the auction house in exchange for goods.

Basic Gold Farming
Gold is “farmed” in four different ways: farming NPCs for drops that sell on the auction house, farming herbs/ore/skins/shards and selling them on the auction house, playing the auction house, or doing daily quests.

Let’s look at gathering first.

Gathering & Professions
Gathering is a very simple way to get gold. You basically just need a flying mount, level 80, and time. Mount up and fly around gathering herbs or ore. Skinning requires the death of animals, which takes time, but involves little searching. Take these items and sell them on the auction house on Tuesday (when demand is the highest) for whatever the going rate is on your server.

Farming NPCs
It is a method, but not a productive one. Some NPCs drop items that are needed for quests, that are vanity pets, or just items that are in demand. Each server is different. You’ll need to look on the auction house for items that are selling for a lot and are easy to get then go out and farm them. It’s a simple method that can be combined with gathering to produce some money. In modern times you may not find easy gold this way.

Daily Quests
In total you can do 25 daily quests a day. Which daily quests are profitable is all dependent on the expansion and the patch. The Sunwell daily quests used to be very profitable netting in nearly 200g a day. With WotLK it came to whatever faction you need reputation for is what quests were considered profitable. With the next path it became the Argent daily quests. So it’s all about what patch you’re on and what’s profitable. You want to do the quests that take the least amount of time, give you reputation for a faction you need to grind, and supply with you a gold reward.

You can also go back and repeat quests at level 80 to get the gold rewards from them. This is especially useful in zones like Ice Crown where you can advance the story and unlock new areas while getting gold and loot to sell. This can equate to about 20g a quest (if the quest has a weapon reward). Very profitable.

The Auction House
Farming herbs and doing daily quests is good enough for most people. That’ll earn you about 200 gold an hour thereabouts if you’re good. You can make thousands of gold on the auction house with little startup cash but you can also lose your entire fortune. It’s like playing the stock maket.

Here is the basic principle. Spot something that is selling for less than what players will pay for it then buy all of that item up. Relist that item at a new price. You can now profit. However, you have to be careful. The AH takes a cut from your profit AND people will not always pay the new price.

Remember the basics of supply and demand. Anything that’s hard to get but needed will sell for a lot. Anything that’s easy to get but not needed won’t sell for much. Look at this basic principle. There isn’t a cheat sheet for it. Each server is different. Some servers have very few herbalist making herbs very expensive or some servers have very few raiders putting shards and crystals in high demand. Each micro-economy dictates what’s needed and when.