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Earn Thousands of Gold Effortlessly

As most of you are aware, with recent patches Blizzard has decreased the amount of xp needed to level by 30%! This has lead to many players starting new characters and taking advantage of this. I as a raider my self, find it hard to find time to level up an alternate character between grinding for repair bills and raiding. But now with this increased leveling speed I and many of my raiding friends have started leveling up alts in our spare time, sometimes taking a day or two of raiding just to power level our alts.

Naturally to make leveling faster and more efficient we are just buying all the best greens,blues,epics off the auction house so that we don't need to waste time instancing for gear.

So this brings me to the conclusion that the prices of useful blues and epics WILL definitely inflate enormously. I'm sure by now you have caught on to my money making scheme idea but for those who haven't here is it again:

1) One:Easier to level
2) Two:More people leveling up (mainly raiders and rich people)
3) Three:Want to buy items not instance for them
4) Four:Willing to pay a lot for blues and epics
5) Five:Price of current blues and epics about to go up a LOT.

Therefore I suggest you go to the auction house, and click sort by EPIC value and set the item level range to between 30 and 55. and if they are relatively priced and bid or buy them out, then either: keep them until you see a noticeable price increase over the next few weeks or immediately re-list them for 100 or so gold higher. (as in this is the normal average price for them, can use auctioneer for this but I am not going to explain auctioneer usage since there are tons of guides about it here on mmowned)

Here is an example.

I go to the auctioneer in one of my factions main cities E.G. Stormwind of Ogrimarr and I search all the items of EPIC value between the level range of 30 and 55.

I find a decent buy:

Hammer of the Northern Wind for 80 gold Bid, 120 gold Buyout

I keep it for a week and I notice that the prices of Hammer of Northern Wind has been bumped up to an average price of 150 gold Bid, 200 gold Buyout. I wait for that one to sell then I re-list the one that I originally bought for 310 gold bid 320 gold Buyout.
Thus giving me a 200 or so gold profit.

Now, there is another method that you can use in conjunction to this method, something that I do often and is EXTREMELY profitable is:

If I am wanting to transfer one of my characters from one server to another, I go look at the prices of epics on my current server. I then go compare the prices on other servers, finding a server where the general price for epics is a lot more than my current servers prices. Generally the server type, server age, server population and server progression has a lot to do with the item prices on their auction houses.

With this method I normally look for the following things:
High level enchanting materials
High level reputation items
High level cloth
Blue gems (cut and uncut)
High and Low level Epics
High level rares (blue quality items)
High level ore
High level herbs
And other items that are vital components in making high end level epics, items, transmutes and so on.

Then I spend several thousand gold on the items that I think will be the most profitable and stock up until I have enough. Then I transfer my character to that server using A) paid character transfer or the B) Free character migration system if available.

These two methods, especially when combined will earn you THOUANDS and I mean THOUSANDS.
I have done this over and over and it has been a success each time. I guarantee that this is one of the most effortless methods to making MASSIVE sums of money.