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World Of Warcraft Class Choosing Guide

Druids: Druids are a hybrid between a spellcaster (someone who utilizes magic, although a Druid has an affinity to nature over mystery, so their magic has a strong nature theme), tank, and DPS (that’s Damage per Second, or a term to described someone who does a lot of damage fast). They can switch their forms between their original form and cast various offensive and defensive magic (including healing) and a bear form that can act much like a Warrior and a cat form that allows them to act much like a Rogue. It’s the jack of all trades and master of a few. It’s great for people who want to do multiple things and have a huge toolbox full of abilities and skills to use.

Hunters: Your ranger type class. They use guns, bows, and crossbows to attack enemies from afar. They also get a pet which follows them into combat and will take the brunt of their damage. Hunters do well by themselves since their beastly companion will take the actual damage while the Hunter does large amounts from range. Requires a good judge of distance between you and someone else and the ability to micromanage your character and your pet.

Mage: The spellcasting class. Combat for a Mage will involve a mix of casting spells from a distance and then “kiting” to keep that distance. It’s an extremely fun class to play but can be challenging due to the low survivability that Mages have when things begin to beat on them (although they can take on a regular enemy while it’s hitting on them quite well). Mages get the ability to open a portal to any major city as they level up along with the ability to make food and water. This makes them desirable to groups and greatly aids their solo play.

Paladins: Much like the Druid, the Paladin can act many different roles. They can fill offensive, defensive, or support roles. Unlike the Druid they’re more of a melee combat orientated class (although they can act as an extremely good healer as well). Melee combat for Paladins isn’t anywhere near as advanced as a Rogue or Warrior’s melee combat so if you’re mostly looking for something to beat things up with then you may just want to go for the Warrior or Rogue. That’s not to say they can’t do damage, but the saying does go “jack of all trades, master of none”.

Priests: In many MMOGs or RPGs are considered fully support classes that do nothing but support a group. In World of Warcraft they act as both a very impressive support class and as ranged damage attacker. They can solo well and they can group well. They may not have as many options as a Mage when it comes to ranged damage but they are extremely efficient on slaying any foes that cross their path. A very well rounded class that is perfect for anyone who likes to be in groups a lot.

Rogues: Stealth, lots of melee damage, and more melee damage can describe a Rogue. Their goal is to go into melee range and hit something a lot. They do a lot of damage, look really cool, and are generally considered to be one of the easier classes to play. Stealth is useful for sneaking around and avoiding various enemies and they get all kinds of neat things to play around with like poisons and the ability to open locks. A great starter class and will fill any dreams and desires you have of doing lots of damage.

Shaman: The Shaman is another hybrid class much like the Paladin and Druid. Their affinity isn’t for the holy or nature but for the elements. They have medium armor, two-handed weapons, lots of magic to cast and some interesting melee abilities. The fun thing about Shamans is the “totems” that they can throw on the ground and use to support themselves and their group along with attack and debuff the enemy. A fun class to play, but is nowhere near as straightforward as the others (much like most hybrids).

Warlocks: A very fun class to play that does damage indirectly. They use various curses and DoT (damage over time) spells to kill their enemy while their demonic pet takes the attention (and the beating) of the enemy. In PvE they’re an excellent solo class (if not one of the best) and are able to take on encounters other classes would dream of. In PvP (that’s player vs. player combat) they excel. They don’t deal damage directly though so you may not see those big damage bursts but it doesn’t mean they don’t deal A LOT of damage. You can make a Warlock deal massive amounts of direct damage through their destruction tree, although it's not much of a direct method as a Mage.

Warriors: Warriors do not use mana but instead rage. Each time they’re hit or they hit something the rage bar fills. The more it fills the more abilities they can use. Warriors have lots of abilities for dealing damage and even more for taking it making them excellent for anyone who likes to take a beating (and endgame tanks). If you’re looking for something dedicated to out and out damage I would suggest considering the Rogue, but the Warrior will do just nicely as well.

With the rundown of the classes complete there is one major tip on choosing a class you’ll be happy with. That is simply: do not be afraid to reroll. If you’re not having fun with your current class at level 15 then you’re probably not going to have fun with it at level 40. It’s true some classes do not excel until they hit the level cap but that doesn’t mean their playstyle changes drastically. By level 20 a class has most of its base abilities and the playstyle down so you can get a good guess on what it’s going to be like for the rest of the journey.