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Your Rogue Race Guides


#1. Orcs

Listen, orcs are big, green, and mean. You recover quicker from stuns, enabling you to get into the action that much faster in both PvE and of course, PvP. When you use brass knuckles, arm mounted pilebunkers, or adamantium claws, you have an expertise bonus that stacks with Combat Expertise. It's to the point of you only needing 11 expertise from your gear, which will be pathetically easy to hit with a few pieces that have the stat on it. Perhaps the best part is the fact you have bonus attack power on demand in the form of Blood Fury. This is a free trinket. It stacks with similar boosts. It makes you the most potent rogue around. Even if we have nothing that can take advantage of Command for 5% bonus pet damage, this is a pretty obvious pick for Rogues.

#2. Trolls

Ya mon, we start with da highest agility. We be goin berserk at any time now, gettin da attack speed that stacka with de slice an’ dice. ....I can't keep writing like that and you can't keep reading it. Ahem. Trolls have a lovely ability to reduce the duration of movement impairing effects, helping us keep up with those stupid kiting strategies. Throwing and Bow specialization are pretty much worthless, and the regeneration bonus might as well not exist. Bottom three aside, Berserking and lowering snare duration is wonderful for rogues since we can get more energy generation off that attack speed.

#3. Blood Elves

Simple Racials, that's for sure. And only one that really matters to us more than anything--Arcane Torrent. This makes us tiny gods of PvP vs. casters with an energy restoring interrupt/silence to follow up our 25 energy kick. The -2% chance to hit of all spells against you is another fantastic PvP assistant. They have good starting agility as well, making them a decent PvE choice but the two above this have them beat. Make a Blood Elf if you plan on killing Gnomes all day.


#1. Humans

Masters of weapons, and masters of PvP. Bonus expertise with two of our main Combat weapons is beautiful. Perception makes fighting Horde rogues stealth vs. stealth cake and guarantees victory unless you suck, more or less, since whoever lands the first opener is at a HUGE advantage. Diplomacy will make those grinds that much easier for Hodir and the like. Every Man for Himself is your PvP trinket. The only downside to Humanity is the Human Spirit, and even that is a very very slight bonus to our hp regeneration which helps.

#2. Night Elves

Stealth Stealth Stealth. Highest agility of any starter and a powerful reduction to be hit in melee. If the enemy doesn't have a bonus to detection, you should be able to sneak up on them with no difficulty or detection whatsoever. Somewhat lacking in actual offensive bonuses though beyond the agility bonus, still a solid pick.