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Warrior Guide

The warrior is well known for being a rough-tough, fighting machine. Whether you opt to be a tank, holding aggro and protecting the group as they burn down the bad guy or a DPS warrior dealing out damage and taking down the enemy, you have a lot of options and a lot of advantages to other classes. Warriors are often needed in groups, making them a fun class to play with others and an asset to guilds and raids. You also have a very wide range of abilities in combination with great melee, hand-to-hand combat. You can wear mail and plate armor later on so you have the highest armor and you can take hits better than other classes. Warriors are very dependant on your gear so it will be important to keep it up to par as you level.

Warriors are great at fighting more than one target, taking down a target faster and protecting other party members. Warriors are also great for playing solo. Almost all races can be warriors and warriors can use all weapons except for wands so you really have many choices within the game for what you want to do and how.

Some things that warriors have to over come are the inability to heal themselves and managing aggro from mobs. Warriors also have many battle shouts that are helpful to certain situations. Warriors also get different stances and some abilities can only be performed in certain stances. You have to work out how to change stances effectively.

Available classes which can be warriors are: All Races except Blood Elves

Warrior Abilities


Battle Shout – increases your melee attack power and that of party members within range

Intimidating Shout – This is a type of fear attack that sends the enemy running

Demoralizing Shout - Reduces melee attack power of the enemy

Challenging Shout – causes enemies to focus attacks on the warrior

Other Abilities

These are just some of the many attacks that a warrior has in his or her arsenal.

Heroic Strike - Strong attack that increases the melee damage on your next attack.

Hamstring – Causes damage and slows the opponent.

Retaliation - Instantly counter-attack any enemy that strikes you in melee for a certain period of time. Doesn’t work on melee attackers behind the warrior. 30 minute cool down.

Charge – Can't use in combat. Can be used at the start of combat to generate Rage. Charge also allows for a chance to stun the enemy for a moment.

Overpower - usable after the target dodges and can not be blocked, dodged, or parried.

Disarm – Disarms the enemy, greatly reducing the damage dealt by the target for a short period of time.

Taunt - Instant taunt causing the enemy to focus on you.

Cleave - A sweeping, AoE attack

Berserker Rage - Becomes immune to fear and knockout effects and generates extra rage when taking damage.

Whirlwind – AoE attack that does weapon damage plus extra damage.

Pummel –Interrupts spell casting

Intercept - Charge the enemy.