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Warlock Guide

The Warlock is a caster-type class that deals damage with the darker and more malicious styles of magic and gets summoned pets. Using curses and shadowbolts to break down their opponents, they are a great damage dealing class and much of their damage is caused by their damage over time (dot) spells. Casting dot spells while spamming shadowbolts is a popular technique used by most warlocks in raid situations. In pvp their focus is doing dots and keeping the opponent "locked" for as long as possible using fears and deathcoils. When opponents are at a far enough distance away, the warlock may cast shadowbolts which is their highest dealing spell. Some say warlocks don't have the capability of dealing high burst damage but from my experience a destruction lock can deal some major burst damage by casting dots including immolate following it with a shadowbolt then finishing with conflagrate and shadowburn. This is a lethal combination that can quickly lower any opponent's health.

Warlocks have the capability of summoning demons to use as pets. These demons come with a variety of abilities to use to help with tanking, damage dealing, and additional "locking" abilities like seduce and charge. Warlocks that choose to spec in Demonology have stronger pets with extra abilities but they also must depend on their pets a lot. Many of the warlock's abilities, such as summoning pets, require soulshards. These soulshards are obtained from casting certain spells.

The warlock isn't entirely self-centered. They do have a very convenient feature that allows them to summon party members. This is nice for when you need to wait for the last party member to arrive. In order to summon, the warlock needs 2 people to click on the portal while he is channeling it. So a total of 3 players are needed to summon 1 person. Healthstones are also made by warlocks. Healthstones require 1 soulshard to make so they aren't unlimited but they can usually provide enough for the party or for the more important members of the raid. That is, if the warlock spent the time soulshard farming beforehand, which every good warlock will do.