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Shaman Guide

1. What is a Shaman.
Shamans, in World of Warcraft, are a hybrid class of melee and spellcaster. If there is a class role in World of Warcraft, then the Shaman is capable of it. The title Jack-of-all trades, master of none applies to both Druids and Shaman. However, where a Druid shapeshifts into different forms - Bears to tank, cats to do damage, natural form to heal/nuke, Shamans have the ability to do all of this equally well at the same time. Shamans may not be able to tank as well as a druid in bear form, or heal as well as a druid not shapeshifted, but they can do both at the same time. Generally though, in a group, the role of a Shaman is going to be that of a supplemental Healer. When the Priest dies, the Shaman will still be there to rez, if the Priest runs out of Mana, the Shaman will be there to continue healing. When not healing the Shaman is a vital front line combatant in groups. They have the ability to reduce the amount of damage coming in or increase the damage of the group, prevent people from being sleeped, and interrupting spellcasters, all while doing in theredecent damage themselves. All of this while not being paper thin cloth wearers like Priests or Mages. If a Shaman gains aggro from healing or nuking too much, they have enough hitpoints and Armor to take some beating. While you wouldn't want a Shaman to tank for a group in a High-End Instance, it certainly lets them stay alive a bit longer when things go bad.

2. Picking the Race
Shaman are limited to the Horde, and can be either Orc, Troll, or Tauren. Each race has specific strengths, especially now that Racial Traits are in-game.

Orcs have Battle Rage, the ability to raise their strength, thereby increasing their damage. This comes at a penalty to their hitpoints, use with caution. They also have an Axe Proficiency, essentially this allows the Shaman to swing an axe as if they were 1 level higher than they are. Their stun resistance, while not much could mean the difference between life and death.

Tauren have extra hitpoints keeping them alive longer and the addition of war-stomp to further stop a spellcaster from casting (in addition to their shock of earth spell). Their Nature resistance will help against the multitude of spells directed at them from natural sources, mostly druid and Shaman spells.

Trolls also have nice racial abilities, Berserking will allow them to cast their spells faster (and melee faster) when they need it the most, when they are lowest in hitpoints. Their Health Regeration will help keep them topped off from the hits here and there they are bound to receive. Beast slaying will help against the large number of beasts in the game. Even in areas with many humanoid and elemental monsters a few beasts are sure to abound.

Stat wise, all races start out similiarly. Tauren having 2 more strength will maybe give them 1 extra damage per hit, and Trolls with 2 extra spirit perhaps a tiny bit faster health and mana regen. However, these differences are so small, they really don't need to be considered when selecting your race.

3. Armor
Shaman start out with the ability to wear leather equipment. Usually you will want to stick with leather, although there are rare exceptions when the stat boosts of a piece of cloth gear is much better than any other leather peices available that cloth actually becomes worthy of wearing. However, please don't mistake this as an invitation to roll against cloth wearers. They can ONLY wear cloth. Please be considerate. Shamans additionally gain the ability to wear Mail starting at level 40. This helps fortify them compared to the rogues and druids of the world, but don't start thinking you're going to tank the same as a Warrior or Paladin.