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Priest Guide

The Priest is without a doubt, the best healer in the game. They have a huge array of powerful healing spells and can keep another player alive better than any other class. The priest can also put talent points in Shadow to make their offensive damage higher. Shadow Priests are often seen on lower level priests for leveling purposes as well as for Player vs Player combat. Priests that are more interested in end game raids typically spec to the Holy or Discipline talent tree to make their powerful heals even MORE powerful and mana efficient. Along with their heals, they also have buffs and dispels that are very helpful to the raid. Power Word: Fortitude greatly increases a player's stamina and Dispel removes harmful effects from friendly targets. Priests can also dispel buffs from enemies. With lots of healing comes lots of agro, so priests come with the spells which will help them lose the agro and continue healing. And of course, priests have the ability to resurrect fallen friendlies!

If you're leveling a priest, it is good to spec in the Shadow talent tree (especially if you are leveling solo). It will give your priest powerful damage and Shadowform will greatly reduce damage taken. So what you have is a healing class that also does nice damage and is equipped with shields and Shadowform to greatly increase survivability. This also makes priest a very good dueling/pvp class.

If you are looking for end-game raiding, most guilds will probably want you to be specced for healing. There are some exceptions and the Shadow-priest makes a nice combo with a warlock and can add to raid DPS but in general, if you want to raid on a priest, you should expect to be considered the healer. The best talent builds for healing priests are usually Holy, Discipline or a combination of the both. The holy tree has great boosts to healing but Discipline also helps your mana regeneration and your ability to regen while in combat. A priest without mana is virtually useless so choosing talents from both trees to balance this out is a smart option.

Some of the challenges that priests face are in learning how to heal effectively and efficiently and in learning coordination when healing in parties. Priests wear cloth so their armor is low and they have lower hit points. They also are poor at melee combat. However, you have powerful spells and abilities, can shield and heal for protection and can resurrect other players who die in battle. The priest is typically the most sought-after class in a group so if you are looking to meet new friends, raid often or always be needed, then priest is right for you!

Available races which can be Priest include: Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Undead, Trolls, Blood Elves, Draenei

Priest Spells

If you decide to make a priest, you might consider your race first as the priest has special racial talents. Below is a listing of these spells:

Desperate Prayer (Level 10). (Dwarf/Human only.)
Starshards (Level 10). (Night Elf only.)
Touch of Weakness (Level 10). (Undead only.)
Hex of Weakness (Level 10). (Troll only.)
Symbol of Hope (Draenei only.)
Fear Ward (Level 20). (Dwarf, Draenei only.)
Feedback (Level 20). (Human only.)
Elune's Grace (Level 20). (Night Elf only.)
Devouring Plague (Level 20). (Undead only.)
Shadowguard (Level 20). (Troll only.)
Consume Magic (Level 20) (Blood Elf only)

Now here are some important priest spells and abilities that are available to all priests, regardless of race:

Lesser Heal - Heals your target for a specific amount

Heal - Heals your target for a specific amount

Greater Heal - Heals your target for a specific amount. This is your biggest heal but will take longest to cast and use the most mana.

Flash Heal – Very fast heal that uses more mana. Great for saving someone until you have time to cast a bigger heal.

Prayer of Healing – This is a powerful group heal, healing all party members within range.

Renew – This is your HOT (heal over time). This stacks with other HOTs and other priest renews.

Dispel Magic - This can be used to debuff monsters or to remove negative spells cast by monsters on you or other party members.

Shadow Word: Pain (Damage over Time) – Possibly one of the most powerful DoTs in the game. Provides shadow damage over time to the target. This will stack with the Warlock spell Corruption.

Mind Control- Control a humanoid's mind. Can be used as crowd control.

Levitate- This is similar to Slow Fall for mages; allows you to levitate off the ground and fall at a reduced speed.

Shackle Undead- Crowd control. Only works on Undead mobs.

Power Word: Fortitude – One of the most popular buffs in the game; increases the friendly target's stamina, giving them more hit points.