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Paladin Gear Newest Upgrades

Patch 3.2 has come and gone (heck, some people are already testing patch 3.2.2!), but we’re just now getting through all of the new loot available. Just to put it into perspective, there are 41 new Plate chest pieces. That is a whopping big number. Of course the gear includes new Heirlooms, crafted (blacksmithing gear got a big upgrade), PvP rewards, dungeon loot and emblem rewards. In reality though, the PvP rewards are available to a very select set of arena runners, so we’re going to focus on the gear that takes us to the next step. We’ll look at gear for leveling, gear for freshly minted level 80s and then what gear is available to prep upcoming raiders.

Now that we have that out of our system we can concentrate on the critical gear selections. In progression terms, we’re going to start with new gear available to help Paladins level.

A Less than Level Playing Field
Leveling up is no longer the tedium it once was, and with the new gear adding experience boosts, it is much faster. This bonus plus the stats stacking as you level provide some great benefits. Only two new heirlooms weapons are available from the latest patch; a one hand and two hand mace. The Repurposed Lava Dredger could be used by Retribution Paladins, but the one handed Venerable Mass of McGowan is mostly useless for Paladins. As for adding some additional experience and reducing the need to find gear, a new chest piece is available; the Polished Breastplate of Valor is worth a look.

Load me up, I’m going in!
For those characters new to the ranks of end game Paladinning (you know, Paladin as a verb, come on) then there are two types of gear to run after. One is the new 5 Man Heroic gear in the Trial of the Champion; the other is Emblem rewards from the new Emblems of Conquest. The gear from 5 Man heroic Trial of the Crusader is iLevel 213 which is a nice upgrade from the iLevel 200 gear dropped in normal heroic modes. The next step up is the Emblems of Conquest gear which is iLevel 226.

Moving On Up
Once we start hitting the 10 Man Trial of the Crusader the loot takes a nice step upward. With the iLevel 232 loot that drops in the instance plus the Emblems of Triumph you’ll be picking up, you can start getting some iLevel 245 gear. Again, these will set you up for progressing into the 25 Man Trial on normal and then on heroic once decked out.

Don’t Shed a Tier
Each of the sets has different naming schemes, so the tier 9 gear starts with Conqueror’s Turalyon’s and Liadrin’s gear and then moves up in to Triumphant Turalyon’s and Liadrin’s gear. Once you start filling those in, you will be looking for Totally Triumphant Tualyon’s and Liadrin set pieces. Totally. The tier gear progression is as follows:

<!--[if !supportLists]--><!--[endif]-->Conqueror’s Aegis iLevel 226
Conqueror’s Turalyon’s and Liadrin iLevel 232 and 245
Totally Triumphant Turalyon’s and Liadrin iLevel 258
Don’t covet thy neighbor’s Hellscream Slicer or Stormpike Cleaver
With Trial of the Crusader we have some interesting naming conventions going on. The weapons are almost all mirror images depending on the faction – meaning that each weapon that drops for the Horde has a carbon copy of it that drops for the Alliance with a different name.

In true Paladin fashion, the weapon with the best name is the Justicebringer. And it will bring the pain to any evildoers, second only to the Dual Blade Butcher in cool names but similar stats. In reality though, the best of the rest are; Suffering’s End and Misery’s End for the healer in all of us. The Ret-Paladins will be looking for the two mentioned earlier (Justicebringer and Dual Blade Butcher). If you are the tanking type, then Crusader’s Glory/Ardent Guard will be just the ticket.