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Mage Guide First Update

Mage Overview
A magic user who uses frost, fire, and the arcane to obliterate their enemies.
Capable of doing some of the best damage in the endgame.
Pure DPS class means focus on doing nothing but damage.

Mage Strengths

Capable of doing massive damage from afar. Strong single target damage and insane amounts of AoE damage.
Can open portals to every major city in the game greatly saving on travel time.
Food and water summoning abilities can save money and downtime with free food and water for themselves and the group. They can also teleport themselves or their group to major capitals.
Utility spells like Polymorph, Spellsteal, Counterspell, and Remove Curse are requirements for high leveling raiding and a great asset in smaller groups. Highly desired in most group configurations.

Mage Weaknesses

Very weak and fragile in solo play. Difficult to level for some.
Reliant on mana for damage. If there isn't any mana then the damage stops completly.
Difficult to properly play and manage.
Movement leads to a direct loss of DPS.

Mage s are masters of magic; that much is obvious. That’s like saying Rogues are masters of stabbing things or Warriors are masters of getting punched in the face. The real secret to Mages is that they’re the masters of single target and AoE (area of effect) ranged magical damage. They’re different from other magic users because they’re not a pet class, a primary DoT (damage over time) class, or anything else. They’re a straightforward boom boom class, traditionally referred to as glass cannons.

Magically Attuned Races (Choosing your Race)
Having a tough time picking what race you should be? Well, the biggest thing that matters is how you feel about the general looks of the race. A lot of the race specific abilities won’t matter if you don’t like how your race looks. If looks aren’t an issue then here is a breakdown of what each race offers an aspiring Mage.

Spell Casting and Mana

Spells have a mana cost and a cast time. Cast time is affected by your spell haste (a stat that comes into play later in the game) and mana cost is often a percentage based thing (so even with more mana, it’ll still cost the same). You use a spell like any other skill. For example with Fireball you’d target the enemy (click on them) then use the “Fireball” skill from your action bar or spellbook. You’ll begin casting the spell and when finished the spell will complete and you’ll hurl a ball of fire at your enemy.

Important Stats

Strength and Agility are useless for a Mage.

Intellect: You need 166.667 intellect to gain 1% critical strike rating at level 80. It also gives you 15 mana per point of intellect (1 mana for the first 20 intellect).

Spirit: Helps mana regeneration, but most Mage gear doesn’t have spirit. You gain 35% (55% when glyphed) of your spirit as critical strike rating when you have Molten Armor up.

Spell Power: Increases damage. How much damage it increases depends on the spell.

Spell Hit: At level 80 you will need a total of 446 hit rating to cap your spell hit. You’ll need to cap your spell hit in order to make sure each spell hits. If you miss with a spell then you’ll have wasted a considerable amount of time casting only to do no damage at all. You’ll need 420 hit rating when you have Heroic Presence. 368 if you spec into Precision or Arcane Focus. 342 with either of those and Heroic Presence.