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Hunter Guide

The hunter is a long distance damage dealer. Shooting bows, arrows, and crossbows from afar is their specialty. Hunters are masters of survival and effective pullers and kiters. Luring around their target while they run away and slowly shoot down their enemies is usually how they deal with other players and mobs within the game. Hunters can use frost-type traps to slow or immobilize and are very effective at keep an enemy at bay. Hunters also have fire-type traps that deal damage to anyone walking over them.

One unique thing about the hunter is their ability to tame beasts found in the game. You can choose what you want for a pet and you can even keep up to three pets total (1 summoned and 2 in the stables) if you choose. Typically, the pets tank the damage while the hunter stays back and shoots. This keeps mobs off the hunter and allows him to use ranged attacks. Because of their tank and damage dealing partnership, hunters are one of the fastest levelers in the game.

Damage-wise, hunters aren't on the top of the damage meters to often but they are in the damage dealing class and become useful by providing a steady stream of damage and making quality pulls for the raid. A good pulling hunter is incredibly important since a single bad pull can wipe out everyone and waste precious time. Hunters can wield two handed weapons which is pretty nice in close-range combat for dealing some nice spike damage and they can also dual wield. If they stay around in close range to long they will most likely be out-damaged by the other melee combat classes. Hunters are good for running in and using raptor strike or hamstring then running back out.

Hunters receive abilities to track down various types of beasts, humanoids, and much more which will be listed below. This is very valuable for planning out your next target and saves you the trouble of having to run around finding something to kill. This is just another thing that makes hunters so good for solo play.

Aspects are also unique to hunters. Aspects allow you take the traits of animals and gain their natural skills. For instance, Aspect of the Monkey increases your dodge chance and Aspect of the Cheetah makes you run faster.

Available races which can be hunters are: Night Elf, Draenei, Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, and Troll


These are buffs that the hunter can give themselves. Below is a list of each along with a brief explaination.

Aspect of the Beast
You gain the aspects of the beast, making you untrackable.

Aspect of the Cheetah
You gain the aspects of the cheetah, making you run 30% faster. If you get hit while having this aspect on you will become dazed for 4 seconds. Make sure to take it off before fighting! You can increase run speed through the Beast Mastery Tree.

Aspect of the Monkey
You gain the aspects of the monkey. Increases your chance to dodge by 8%. You can increase your dodge chance through talents in the Beast Mastery Tree.

Aspect of the Pack
This is like Aspect of the Cheetah except it will increase the run speed of you and any party members within 30 yards from you. If anyone gets hit with this aspect on, they will be dazed for 4 seconds. Run speed can be increased with talent points in the Beast Mastery Tree.

Aspect of the Viper
You gain the aspects of the viper. Regeneration of your mana is increased by 25% of your total intellect every 5 seconds.

Aspect of the Wild
You gain the aspects of the wild. Naturual resistance of you and any party members within 30 yards of you, will gain +70 resistance to nature.


Traps are one of the most important features the Hunter has in it's arsenal. They can be used to keep enemies immobilized or slowed or be used to deal additional damage.

Explosive Trap
Enemies that walk over this trap will take 100-139-201 fire damage and for the next 20 seconds they will take another 150-240-330 damage. Upgrades to the Explosive Trap can be obtained through talent points in the Survival Tree.

Freezing Trap
When an enemy walks over the freezing trap they will be frozen in ice for 10-15-20 seconds. They cannot do anything during this time. The duration of the trap effect can be increased with talent points in the Survival Tree.

Frost Trap
When an opponent walks over this trap it will turn the ground around it into ice. Enemies within 10 yards will have their movement speed slowed down by 60%. Upgrades to this trap can be made through talent points in the Survival Tree.

Immolation Trap
Anything that walks over the trap will take 105-215-340-510-690 fire damage for 15 seconds.

Snake Trap
The first enemy to set off this trap will have multiple snakes attacking him. The snakes contain 3 different poisons and can inflict any one of them. They have the poisons, Crippling Poison, Mind Numbing Poison, and Deadly Poison. They release the poison by spitting and they can cause agro when nearing mobs. Upgrades to this trap can be made through talent points in the Survival Tree.