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Hunter Equipment Guide

Blizzard has made the process of leveling much easier, and you will find that running instances to get gear is just not necessary while leveling up. Simply do the quests available to you until you reach level 80. Once there you can proceed on your way to run heroics for the badges which will give you an excellent set of gear, that will easily get you into any normal raid instances, or you can also opt to begin you PvP journey.

Survival - As a Survival Hunter your first goal is to hit the Haste and Hit caps. Do this as soon as possible as it will affect your DPS greatly. Currently, the Hit cap for a Survival Hunter is 8%, while you will need 522.7 Haste Rating (unless specced into Improved Aspect of the Hawk). Once you reach these caps you no longer need to worry about these stats unless you are changing out gear.

Agility, Crit, and Attack Power (in that order) are the next important stats for the Survival Hunter. Agility and Crit work together to make the best use of the talents and maximize your DPS. You will find that most of your Attack Power comes from Agility, this is how it should be, however never take a small amount of Agility over a large amount of Attack Power, it’s simply not worth it.

Beast Mastery - Once again Hit makes the number one stat. Hit affects both you and your pet to hit things (around 8%), so reach the hit cap as soon as possible.

Attack Power is currently very important for the BM Hunter, as it affects the BM’s Hunter abilities and their pet’s abilities. Agility also provides Attack Power, and Crit, however, not enough to make it better than Attack Power for the BM Hunter. Finally Critical Strike Rating, while at the end of my list it is not a useless stat. Pick it up whenever you can get it, the more you have the better.

Marksman - Hit makes it’s appearance at the top of the Marksman Hunter’s list as well. Seriously I can’t stress enough how reaching your hit cap will improve your DPS. Just do it, all the cool kids are. Once Hit cap is reached you no longer have to worry about it unless you are swapping in and out new gear.

Attack Power, Armor Penetration, Crit and Agility are the stats you should be interested while reaching and after you have reached your Hit cap. Agility of course gives Crit and Attack Power making it an invaluable stat and one any Hunter simply can‘t have enough of. While in the Marksman Hunter’s case Armor Pen is much more beneficial than any other Hunter spec.

All Hunters should have an interest in Intellect, while not at the top of any stat list, it certainly is something they should consider looking for as a stat on their gear. The more intellect you have, the more damage you can do. Plus, certain Hunter specs/builds have talents that benefit directly from your Intellect. Don’t turn your nose up at it!


Now that you understand the basic stats that you are looking for on your gear, let’s take a look at the enchants you can place on it. Enchants are just as important as gems, so don’t forget to enchant new gear when you receive it as you will be doing yourself a huge disservice otherwise. When choosing your new enchants remember to use common sense. For example if you happen to be haste or hit capped, you can cross off the enchant with haste/hit on it. The list below should give you some helpful suggestions to set you on your way. You will find that the specs share quite a few things in common in the enchant department.

Gems are basically the same as Enchants. Use your head, and always go for the gems that line up with the best stats available for your spec. If you do this you can’t go wrong. Remember when gemming, matching the slot color is not as important as being sure to gem according to the best stats for you, and always check when re gemming that you continue to meet the requirements for your Meta Gem. Below is a list of suggestion on gems by color for each spec. The list contains gems of the new epic quality only, but if needed you could use their blue counterparts. Gemming your gear with the best gems means you are allowing yourself to do the best damage possible.


To wrap things up here are some suggestions for the Glyphs you should use. There will be several glyphs listed for each spec. Be sure to choose wisely based on what you feel is best for you, and your play style.