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Getting into the Perfect Guild

Guilds have been forming and falling apart since WoW was released, however it seems that some players are still confused on how to find that perfect guild, how to avoid becoming fodder for jokes when filling out guild applications, or even why they were rejected from the guild of their choice. After talking to guild leaders and having tons of guild leadership experience behind him, this week Mem steps up to try and guide you on your journey to the perfect guild.

Your guild has fallen apart, you’re not happy with the way things are progressing, or you are looking for your first guild. Regardless of the reasoning behind it you are searching for a guild and you have only a vague idea of how to proceed. To begin you should pose some basic questions to yourself to better understand what you are looking for, while at the same time getting a firm grasp on what you are actually capable of attaining.

PVP or PvE?
How many hours can I devote to the game each week?
What times can I be online?
Casual or Hardcore?
Am I willing to server/faction transfer?
What is my gear like?
What skill level am I at as a player?
Where was my old guild at in progression?
Do prefer a mature environment?

Asking yourself these questions (and more) will give you an idea of what exactly it is you are looking for when you begin your search. It will also hopefully help you realize that your current gear level, available play time, or skill level will restrict you from some guilds. One of the most common and time wasting mistakes people make is applying to guilds that are far more advanced than they are, or guilds that require a higher attendance rating than the player can promise. This should help you narrow down your search and make finding that elusive perfect guild that much easier.

Most guilds will make it easy for you to see what classes they are looking for as they should have listed in the post title any classes they are looking for, and possibly even how advanced into raid progression they are. For example most post titles will look like this: <GuildName> looking for priests/rogues 9/9 Uld. Clearly you can see this guild is looking for priests and rogues and has currently killed 9/9 bosses in Ulduar. Keep in mind that the recruitment forums move at a fast pace and things at the top will quickly be pushed 3 pages back.

When you have finally overcome the hurdle of searching out guilds that are a good fit for you and have just breathed a sigh of relief the next hurdle will dart at you. It is probably the most important yet dangerous hurdle of them all. The guild application will literally decide your future or non future with a guild.

After making a list of the guilds that caught your interest, go over them once again and decide which are your top three. These are the guilds you will apply to first. Having too many applications out at once is difficult to manage and also leaves the possibility of mistakes on your part. As the guild application is your first and possibly only chance to give a good impression mistakes are to be avoided at all costs.

Pretend while filling out the application that you are applying for a job. Read each question and be sure to understand it before you answer. Answering the question without understanding it will scream I did this in a hurry and just don’t care. Not something you want to advertise to a potential guild.

If you make it through the application and interview process you may be offered an invite into the guild of your choosing (as a trial member of course). Before you accept be sure to consider for a moment if this is where you really want to be. Ask the guild if you can sit in on one of their raids so you can gage how they interact together and see if it is an environment you are comfortable in.

The answer to these questions will most likely be yes, but it never hurts to think it over one more time. Being overly hasty could end up costing you a lot of time and money. Taking overly long to let the guild know you will be joining is a bad thing as well. If you take too long they may decide you have changed your mind and find a replacement for you.

Once you have made the decision, empty your mail box, type in your credit card number if you are transferring servers and wait. Once you are on the new server log in and request an invite from an available Officer. If it’s a raid night be prepared to raid, or if it’s an off night it would be a good idea to attempt to join in on some 5 mans or guild PvP to get yourself better acquainted with your fellow guild members.